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The Top Seven Essential Oils For Daily Use

The essential oils that you use every day should be applied to your life in a way that makes you a healthier person.  You might want to use the oils as a way to get healthier, or they could be used to relieve pain.  You know you could go through sickness or bouts of pain, and you must have something that works perfectly in all situations. These work great with essential oil diffusers and carrier oil. You can even use essential oils while doing yoga.  Your body will respond extremely well to the benefits of essential oils you have tried if you use them daily, and you must keep all seven in the house because they all serve different purposes.

This is not to be taken as medical advice. I am merely sharing essential oils as one of my favorite things.

When using essential oils seek therapeutic grade whenever possible.

The Top Seven Essential Oils For Daily Use

The Top Seven Essential Oils For Daily Use

1. CBD Oil

You will find that CBD oil works well in everyday applications. 

I love it in roller bottles for everyday use, including pain relief. 

You can use it multiple times during the day, and you will be amazed by CBD oil because it can cure your headaches when rubbed on the temples, help you lose weight in your morning smoothie, and help heal joint pain when you get to the end of a long day of work. 

It can be used as a vaping tool that you inhale through your nose and mouth to calm down, or it can be rubbed on your chest when you have a severe cold. 

This is the most versatile of the oils you could use.

2. Lemon Oil

Some of my favorite ways to use this amazing essential Oil:

Citrus oils like Lemon essential oil are excellent when added to your tea. 

The aroma of the lemon oil coming up off your steaming tea.

Take a deep breath over the bottle to clear your sinuses, and you will feel much better because the smell of citrus will wake you up, says Prevention

You could clear up a cold or use a couple of drops of lemon oil daily to keep the colds and flu away in the office and boost your immune system.

Add a few drops of lemon oil to a cotton ball to remove sticky residue, or dilute it in water as a powerful cleaning product..

Mix with aloe vera or carrier oil for a hand sanitizer.

Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to coconut oil and sugar for a skin-brightening body scrub.

Lemon oil is one of the best essential oils as it has so many uses; it’s sure to be one of your favorite oils too.

lemon essential oil with sliced lemon

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is another oil you can use in your morning coffee or tea to help clear up sickness, improve mental alertness or treat sore muscles.

Many people combine lemon and peppermint for a super-tea that will cure just about any sickness, and it is so strong that it will help your sinuses clear up, making it perfect for treating seasonal allergies.

You could put a few drops of peppermint oil on your chest to act as a vapor rub (try this blend to kick congestion to the curb), and it will work well in the colder months when you are making healthy drinks for the family.

peppermint essential oil on burlap

4. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is the strongest oil you could buy but it is also one of the best for you. 

You could use this oil to help with cuts, and you might try eucalyptus when you have a better vapor rub during a cold or stomach bug.

eucalyptus essential oil with eucalyptus branch

5. Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is a nice aromatic that will work well in your bedroom when you are trying to get over an illness. 

It may be the most favorite essential oil.

It should not be ingested, but inhaling drops of lavender when you do not feel well is nice.

lavender essential oil with lavender branch

6. Orange Oil

Orange oil is a much tamer version of lemon oil, and it could be used in the same way. 

Try traditional orange or wild orange.

It will make your home smell clean and fresh.

Added to tea, it is a powerful agent of healing.

orange essential oil with orange slices

7. Rose Oil

Rose oil is a nice alternative to stronger vapor rubs and could be put on your cuts or scrapes. 

It has strong healing powers and is gentle on your skin if you need oil to wash your face.

rose essential oil with rose petals

Final Thoughts

Each of the oils above must be kept in the house because they all serve different purposes. 

Buy them all right now to smell the difference in each one.

All of these pure essential oils offer natural solutions around the house.

Try any of these essential oils in this essential oil playdough recipe.

Try using different oils to create your favorite aromatherapy blends for your everyday life.

Your simple recipe begins by adding drops of oil from one favorite essential oil and drops from another favorite to create the best essential oil combinations.

Note: We do not recommend the casual ingesting of essential oils. It can cause irritation and possible damage to your organs. Please do not ingest essential oils unless under the supervision of a medical doctor versed in pharmaceutics and an experienced aromatherapist. 

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