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6 Eye-Opening Ways to Make Coffee in the Morning

Pour an extra cup and discover even more ways to make coffee in the morning!

Nothing gets between you and your coffee.

Make sure you never go without.

According to e-importz, One hundred fifty million people enjoy a cup of coffee per day in the United States.

Surprisingly, it comes in number 2 as the world’s most-consumed beverage, right behind tea.

The arrival of coffee franchises around the world has turned your average cup of coffee into a luxury beverage of sorts, filled with flavors, and customizations, complete with all kinds of different ways to make coffee.

If you love your daily cup of coffee but are pining for a little something extra, check out these coffee brewing methods from and add a little pep to your morning.

If you love your daily cup of coffee but are pining for a little something extra, check out these coffee brewing methods and add a little pep to your morning. 

Where Does Coffee Come From?

Coffee is brewed all around the world, but the largest suppliers of coffee are Ethiopia, Brazil, Columbia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Honduras.

Coffee grows on a shrub or a tree and resembles a cherry.

Inside this “cherry” you find the beans which are then roasted and sold in stores.

Though there are different variations of the coffee plant that produce beans, these four types are the most common says ICT Coffee.

Coffee’s best traits are its flavor and its ability to boost your energy, but it also has an abundance of health benefits as well, according to Healthline.

Coffee grows on a shrub or a tree and resembles a cherry with the beans inside which are then roasted and sold in stores.

6 Ways to Make Coffee at Home

The best way to brew coffee depends mostly on how you like the taste of your coffee.

Different methods of brewing produce different flavors.

And you’ll save money in the long run because shelling out $2 for a cup of coffee every day can add up!

If you’d like to step away from your trusty coffee machine (or the drive-thru!) and try something new, start experimenting with these six ways to make coffee in your own home.

Pour Over

Otherwise known as the drip method, a pour-over is an excellent, trustworthy, and ideal way to brew coffee.

To make a pour-over, you’ll need a filter, a cone, a coffee cup, hot water, and the appropriate amount of grounds.

Add the filter to the cone, and place the cone in the brewer (or cup).

Add the ground to the filter and pour the hot water – slowly – over the grounds.

Gravity will pull the water down, and the coffee will ‘drip’ into the brewer or cup.

While this method takes a bit longer than pouring machine-brewed coffee, the taste can be far superior, yet it only yields one cup.

French Press

Using the French Press to brew coffee is a well-known method.

The French Press steeps the coffee in hot water and produces a robust flavor that can’t be beaten.

Also, the french press is effortless to use and very economical, since there’s no filter involved.

Make sure the coffee beans you use are coarse ground since they’ll be steeped for a time.

If the grounds are too fine, you’ll end up with a bitter taste.


Aeropress is the new kid on the block when it comes to brewing methods.

It’s almost a cross between an espresso and a french press since it involves immersion and brewing under pressure.

The most desirable feature of the Aeropress is that it’s convenient and you can take it anywhere.

Aeropress is more expensive than a french press, and be sure to use fine to medium coffee grounds.

Cold Brew

 Iced coffee is already brewed and served with ice.Cold-brew is different from iced coffee because it requires the grounds to seep for an extended period in cold water before consumption.”/>

Though traditionally brewed hot, coffee can hit the spot on a hot summer day!

Enter cold brew coffee.

Cold-brew is different from iced coffee because it requires the grounds to seep for an extended period in cold water before consumption.

Iced coffee is already brewed and served with ice.

You can make cold brew easily at home using a french press.

Grind your beans very coarse, add 3/4 a cup of grounds to the french press then add cold water.

Allow your brew to sit for about 12 hours or longer for a stronger flavor.

Once the allotted time has passed, press down the filter in your french press and pour the cold brew in a container.

Chill it in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Espresso Machine

If you enjoy Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, or want a shot of espresso, having an espresso machine is the way to go.

Espresso machines use pressurized water on fine coffee grounds to produce espresso, and the machines often come with a variety of buttons and fixtures, along with a spot to steam your milk if you want.

Some machines can be on the pricey side(I’m looking at you, Nespresso); however, don’t let that steer you away from trying something a little more old-fashioned, shares Coffee Brewster.

Siphon Coffee

Coffee from a siphon?

Strange, but true.

While brewing coffee through a siphon seems somewhat futuristic, it’s been around since the 1840s.

Though it’s not as simple as pushing a button on your coffee maker, this method is a bit more intensive and time-consuming, so it probably won’t be in your daily routine to make coffee in the morning.

Tips For Brewing the Best-Tasting Coffee

coffee beans and brewing methods to make your morning brew.

While all of these coffee brewing methods are great and each of them will create their boldness, what’s needed is care for the beans.

Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best-tasting cup of coffee with any method.

Fresh beans are always the way to go.

They give off the fullest flavor, so be sure to use them within days of purchasing.

Only grind the beans when you’re ready to brew say the experts a The Coffee Folk.

Keep the beans in a sealed container away from air.

Room temperature is the best place to store containers.

If you’re doing a pour-over (or even in your coffee maker) use filters that are dioxin-free, or a gold filter to avoid letting grounds enter your cup.

Buy high-quality beans.

Arabica beans are the pinnacle of coffee so always look for 100% Arabica when selecting your coffee beans.

Ready to Brew?

With so many ways to make coffee, you’ll find a method that gives you a taste you can’t beat.

Experiment with a variety of types of coffee brewing, and you might discover a new way to love your coffee.

Are you looking for more recipes to make coffee in the morning?

Check out our blog for more exciting coffee to pour into your cup!

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