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Review: Funkoos Organic Baby Clothes

The Natural Softness A Baby Deserves

A baby has the softest skin. It’s also sensitive as it learns to adapt to the environment. I remember when my oldest was coming home from the hospital. We lived in Miami, Florida. It is always bloody hot and humid in Miami. I was a new mom and didn’t want my baby to be cold. I dressed him in a full-body velour bodysuit with feet, then bundled him up in a nylon shawl. Good grief, how this kiddo survived is beyond me!

When Zac came along in 1993, I was doing my part to protect the environment. We were dedicated to cloth diapers, and I tried to dress him in 100 percent cotton clothing whenever possible. I couldn’t tell you then what was organic.

Now I am more aware of what I put on my children, and I appreciate organic clothing. It’s not only environmentally friendly, but it’s natural. In my years of trying to raise compassionate children on levels beyond just human compassion but environmentally compassionate, I learned that cotton is one of the dirtiest crops grown and a substantial amount of pesticides and uses more insecticides than any other crop. That’s astounding, and then I think about how much cotton I’ve used my kiddos up in. It isn’t very comforting.

I’m getting smarter. Cotton is by far one of the MOST comfortable fabrics out there. I continued to research and discovered that organic farming prohibits synthetic chemicals from controlling pests, except in extreme cases. Instead, natural predators and intercropping control pests, and special machinery and fire control handle weeds*.

Organic Cotton is my preferred fabric. There’s a new company, Funkoos. Its creators, a husband a wife team, have the same belief that I do. An entire line of baby clothing made from 100 percent certified organic cotton.

I received a Long Sleeve Body Suit to facilitate this review. I was immediately impressed. In addition to the clothing being 100 percent Organic Cotton (exclusive of Decorations), the packaging is also 100 percent recycled paper board.

Out of the package, this onesie is incredibly soft. It’s a true white, rather than the natural color, and I love this! It’s tagless, so there’s no scratchy, irritable intruder on the neck that I’m going to need to cut off to prevent irritation.

This onesie is certified by the Control Union Certifications to meet Global Organic Textile Standards for processing fibers from certified organic agriculture.

This long-sleeved bodysuit is the perfect piece for any layette, offering versatility and practicality. It’s soft, it’s a good thing for Mother Earth, and it’s the softness every child deserves! Plus, at $19.99, it offers value.

The only thing missing from this perfect long-sleeved bodysuit is that new baby smell!

If you’re looking for baby items and appreciate the benefits mentioned here, head on over to for some adorable baby items like organic bibs, baby bath accessories, organic baby tees, and so much more.

*(2007). The deadly chemicals in cotton. Environmental Justice Foundation in collaboration with Pesticide Action Network UK: London, UK. ISBN No. 1-904523-10-2.

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