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Review: Very Different Cakes

Flavorful and Flowerful
Gourmet Cupcake Decorating Kits

We’re cupcake creators. We love the perfectly portioned size and the tops can become a world of creativity.

decorating cup<a class=I cannot tell you how many times my children have seen an awesome cupcake in a magazine or kit and attempted to recreate it only to find out more mad skills than we have are needed. There’s been some disappointment and some whacked-out frustration.
Then, for Abi’s birthday, we discovered that we were masters at the art of cupcakes. One of the world’s premier cake design studios, Very Different Cakes, have made my children (and myself) feel like we are now ready for the big time! It’s their NEW line of gourmet Cupcake Decorating Kits!

While we are ordinary compared to Very Different Cakes celebrity clients like Mariska Hargitay, Janet Jackson, Charlie Sheen and Tarina Tarantino, the finished product makes us ooooh and aaahhhh like we are extraordinary!

Very Different Cakes has two lines of kits: Sweetest Blooms and Delicious Daises. The great thing is these kits include everything you need to easily bake and decorate gourmet cupcake bouquets that are as visually striking as they are tasty. Did I mention they are also easy?

“Be it for birthday parties, showers, or a treat for a hostess, our kits allow you to whip up whimsical elegance like a pro with just a few simple steps,” says Tammy Massman-Johnson, Founder of Very Different Cakes. “You get the fresh out of the oven aroma plus all the bragging rights at a price that will have your local bake shop burning their buns. Our goal is to inspire fun and creativity, bringing playtime back into the kitchen. Get ready to add finesse and impress.”


decorating cupcakes with very different cakes kit

We were sent the Sweetest Blooms Kit. It included the gourmet cake and frosting mix for 24 cupcakes, liners, sprinkles, jelly beans, lollipops & sugar flowers to fashion some seriously sweet blooms.decorating cupcakes with very different cakes kit

I was doubtful when the cake mix didn’t call for eggs, but we whipped it up according to directions. It was simplified to the point that my six-year-old read it and did it pretty much on her own. I did have to help her with the measuring.

The cupcakes were beauties to behold right out of the oven! Perfectly raised and golden they cast an incredible aroma through the house that had my children and husband commenting.

MacKenzie loved the liners and thought they were “worthy of a princess” compared to my traditional white, yellow, pink and blue plain pastel liners. From there the grin just got bigger.
The frosting–did I mention it was cream cheese? It was extremely easy to make and went further than I anticipated. We had plenty to frost heaps onto the cupcakes.
decorating cupcakes with very different cakes kit

Then the kiddos dipped in sprinkles and created flowers from lollipops with jelly bean leaves. My four-year-old participated and made himself just as worthy of the limelight as the girls.

When they were finished we stood with jaws agape. They LOOKED just like the picture. We had done it! We had made 24 of the most festive and beautiful cupcakes ever! There was some serious pride going on in my children.

Abi’s birthday was perfect with these dainty and colorful flower cupcakes.

The kit sells for a little more than a dollar per cupcake and comes with EVERYTHING needed (except water, oil and cream cheese). In less than two hours (including baking and cooling time) you’ll be the featured cupcake creator!

The second kit, · Delicious Daisies – would be perfect for bridal or baby showers or a delightful addition to a typical day. This trendsetting kit includes gourmet cake and frosting mix, plus liners, food coloring, nonpareils, sugar pearls & sugar daisies to make 24 incredibly delicious and beautiful cupcakes.

Very Different Cakes Cupcake Decorating Kits are available at and right now.

I received the product mentioned in this post as compensation. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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