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5 Things Kids Can Do For Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. A reminder of environmental concerns. Going Green on Earth Day is the first step to committing to environmentally friendly changes at home, at work and in our communities.

Earth Day provides a springboard for teaching kids how they can get involved in helping the environment. LIVESTRONG.COM highlights the 5 best things kids can do for Earth Day.

Community Cleanup

Schedule a community cleanup day with the kids. You might focus on an area such as school grounds, your neighborhood or a community garden area. Cleaning up the local area helps the environment and creates a sense of community with the kids and other residents.


Planting seeds or plants on Earth Day is a natural option for kids’ activities. The type of plant depends on the area. If space allows, plant a tree or large vegetable garden. Growing your own vegetables lets you eliminate the use of chemicals.

Toy Swap

Throwing away old toys results in more waste in the landfill. Instead of tossing the toys that are boring, help the kids organize a toy swap. Each child brings her old toys that she no longer wants, and the kids swap toys with one another. That way, each child goes home with different toys, and nothing ends up in the landfill.


Earth Day offers an opportunity for kids to think about their own actions and how they impact the earth. Help the kids create an Earth Day pledge that states what they promise to do to keep the earth clean while protecting the environment. Have each child sign the pledge.

Green Committee

A kids’ green committee puts the responsibility in the hands of the children. This idea works well in a school setting or other situation when a group of kids meets regularly. The green committee monitors the school to make sure the other kids are making green choices. They also find new ways to make the school green, such as adding recycling bins or planting flowers.

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