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Is Pest Control Worth It? The Top 8 Benefits of Hiring a Pro

Some pests you can tackle on your own, so is pest control worth it at all? Here are the top 8 benefits of hiring professional pest control.

All homeowners should know that there is no such thing as a ”harmless” pest — this is why they’re called pests.

They eventually make an impact on your property in some way, shape, or form.

Not only this, but certain pests can have a negative effect on your overall health, too.

You may be brave enough to tackle a pest infestation yourself, so this begs the question, is pest control worth it?

In short, DIY pest control, like getting rid of mice,  is not always recommended.

Sometimes, this is a job best left to professionals.

Find out why in this blog.

Is Pest Control Worth It?


Is Pest Control Worth It? 8 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes

A once-off infestation of ants in your pantry is common in most households.

But recurring instances of infestation signify a more significant problem at play.

This is where professional extermination is necessary.

Whether ants, cockroaches, termites, or bed bugs, a professional exterminator is always recommended over DIY methods.

Here are the undeniable benefits:

It’s Important For Your Health

As mentioned, pest infestation in your home or office is a health hazard for those that occupy the property.

Beyond being an unsightly nuisance, some pests carry bacteria and diseases such as salmonella, E-Coli, and Lyme disease and exacerbate allergies and asthma.

It’s essential to get to the root of the problem and tackle an infestation from there to live and work in the healthiest space possible.

Accurately Identify and Eliminate Pests

Sometimes you may think you’ve identified a specific pest, but it could be another that’s wreaking havoc.

Pest control professionals have the expertise to identify the source of your infestation; this article on has valuable tips.

They have in-depth knowledge of what to look for and are experts at identifying even the most minute or unassuming signs.

To add to this, these professionals have all the correct gear, chemicals, and other equipment to extract and eliminate a plethora of different pests efficiently.

Licensed pest control technicians use the safest possible means of pest elimination.

They are well-versed in chemical usage and dosage, too.

Identify the Source of an Infestation

Other than identifying a particular pest, you can count on a pest control professional to get to the root of the problem.

Instead of continually treating the symptoms of an infestation, they can eliminate it.

There is no point in repeatedly eliminating pests without finding the source of the problem.

This can only worsen an infestation issue or create the perfect situation for future infestations.

Common sources often include egg batches and nests found in your garbage, soil, pet food, and particular areas of your walls.

It Saves You Time and Money

Overall, professional pest control provides faster and far more efficient results if you were to tackle an infestation independently.

It also reduces the risk of worsening an infestation, only to have pests scattered throughout your property.

A professional can keep the situation under control without causing further damage or havoc in your home.

Due to their extensive experience with the right type of chemicals, an efficient extermination plan can be put in place in a relatively short time frame.

Most pest control companies can complete treatment within 1-6 hours, depending on the size of the infestation.

If you were to attempt it yourself, it could take you twice as long and end up causing more than good in the long run.

Avoid Damage to Your Property

Many pests can cause damage to your home.

Rodents can chew through cables, walls, and carpets. Bugs can destroy curtains, rugs, clothing, and furniture, and even the foundation of your home.

Don’t take the risk by putting off professional extermination.

A licensed professional can eradicate these pests so that your property and belongings suffer minimal disruption and deterioration.

This saves you money in the long term as you won’t need to replace furniture, clothing, or other parts of your home.

Get Your Money’s Worth

While your budget is always to keep in mind, the cheapest way to exterminate pests is not always the best option.

It’s never a long-term solution.

Cheap chemicals may also be toxic and cause more harm than good.

With a professional exterminator, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

It’s true bang-for-your-buck, even if it seems expensive at first.

Professional pest control eliminates your problem in one go, and there is generally no need for repeat visits.

You’re paying for a service that guarantees a once-off solution, which also saves you money and time.

In-Depth Knowledge of Chemicals

A professional pest control service is well-versed in the best chemicals to get the job done efficiently.

You don’t have to worry about the risks of exposure, especially if you have young children in your home.

Most professionals use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, focused on using environmentally friendly pest control methods.

This method focuses on pest prevention that only requires pesticides when necessary.

Pest Prevention Tips

Finally, a pest control service should leave you with a good amount of knowledge of avoiding future infestations.

This is a key part of their service.

A technician will recommend future pest prevention before or after completing their service.

A simple example includes highlighting structural issues that could harbor pests.

Or they could recommend screen replacement, hole repair, or the cleaning and consistent maintenance of specific areas.

Bolster Your Homeowner’s Knowledge Here

So, is pest control worth it?

The initial investment in pest extermination services could save you hundreds of dollars, time, energy, and harmful chemicals — so yes, it’s worth it!

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