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Long-Distance Relationship Valentine’s Day Ideas

Do you and your partner live thousands of miles apart? Check out these amazing Valentine’s Day ideas for a long-distance relationship from

Is your long-distance relationship working?

Really working?

You might think that phone dates and video chats are enough to form a lasting bond, but you might be falling on the job without realizing it.

According to, More than 7 million couples in the United States are actively trying to make a long-distance relationship work.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show that you’re 100 percent committed to your sweetheart.

In this article, we’ll share some creative Valentine’s Day ideas for a long-distance relationship.

We’ll also help you find the perfect international flowers and gift baskets for your love!

Woman receiving a beautiful gift from her male colleague while working in the office; relationships concept, top view

Share Dinner and Drinks

If you feel like you’re not getting enough screen time with your beloved, you should surprise them with dinner and wine delivery.

You don’t have to tell them what you’re up to, just that they should be home at a certain time.

You can order and pre-pay for their dinner and wine, a gesture that shows you know their favorite foods.

Skip the chit chat about bills and work and give them your full attention.

If you’re thinking about making a friendship official ( tells you how long you should date before this step), romantic one-on-one video chats are a great way to get there.

It’s still possible to find intimacy in the Digital Age, but wait until you’re in-person to propose.

In general, you should try to have a romantic date every week that lasts for about two hours.

Phone calls are good, but video chats are even better.

Whether you’re eating together or watching a movie, you’re getting a glimpse into each other’s lives.

You’re also reminding each other why your long-distance love is worthwhile.

Valentines Setting for One with red rose on plate

Write an Old-Fashioned Love Letter

Any list of long-distance Valentine’s Day ideas has to include the classic love letter.

Even if you’re not a poet by nature, it’s worth the time to craft a small love note.

Try to think of what you like the most about your partner.

Are they loyal?



How has your life gotten better since you starting going out with them?

If writing isn’t really your thing, you can still send out long-distance love.

Text them every day for a week or two, telling them you miss them every day.

Send them jokes until they laugh, and send them links to your favorite websites.

The most difficult part of a long-distance relationship is finding ways to bond, even when you’re far apart.

A simple “I love you, and I promise to be faithful” goes a long way in an LDR.

Use love letters and texts to make your sweetheart feel like they’re a priority in your life.

handwritten love letter with single red rose resting on top of letter

Wow them With International Flowers

Flowers are always a welcome option for Valentine’s Day.

Red roses signify deep love and commitment.

White roses mean purity.

Yellow roses mean friendship.

We’ve all heard of the language of roses, but did you know that other flowers have meanings too?

Lilacs are fragrant purple blossoms that represent young love.

Irises are blue and yellow, striking flowers that are given to newlyweds.

Orchids come in every color and live for years with minimal care.

Lilies signify rebirth and a new direction in life.

It’s always a good time to send international flowers in long-distance relationships.

Pro tip:

Send more than one bouquet if you want to impress their family and friends on social media.

bouquet of pink lilies with matching tea light candles

Make the Perfect Playlist

Ready to impress your long-distance valentine?

It’s time to do some time traveling all the way back to the 1980s.

Back then, if you wanted to light up your boo’s life, you had to make them a mixtape with help from

You would sit by the radio for hours, recording different songs onto a blank cassette tape.

It was an art form that showed just how much you were in love.

Nowadays, we can assemble our playlists online in a fraction of the time.

Since they don’t take as much time, it’s a good idea to make several.

Try to keep the playlists to about 25 songs, esquire offers the best songs of all time to get you started, much shorter if you’re making a driving or workout mix.

Another cool way to bond is by making a mutual playlist, sharing whichever songs are in your mind that day.

If you’re not a playlist kind of person, you can make “watch lists” on YouTube.

Anything that you can do to show you’re thinking about your baby is going to be well-received.

mix tape cassette for someone you love with tape pulled out and shaped like a heart

Create a Personalized Care Package

The stress of long-distance relationships is real, but there’s an easy way to fix that loneliness.

Sending a care package, according to Psychology Today, is a quick way to bond, no matter how far apart you are.

Classic Valentine’s Day care packages could include:

Chocolate, of course.


A scrapbook of your relationship

Gift cards

Phone cards if you often chat by phone

Sending custom care packages is a great way to demonstrate that you care and are paying attention.

BuzzFeed can tell you the best places to order a care package online if you aren’t into making one yourself.

Has your significant other mentioned that they like horses?

Put in some horse stickers or a little horse figurine.

The great thing about care packages is that you can send them at any time of year.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money; make sure to send them at least a week before Valentine’s Day.

care package wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine

Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Long-Distance Relationship

Relationships and intimacy are all about taking time to invest in small, meaningful gestures.

International flowers and gift baskets are always good gifts because you can continue that tradition once you move in together.

If you’ve been in a long-distance relationship for more than six months, you may have started thinking about marriage.

Overall, there are many Valentine’s Day ideas for a long-distance relationship that you can try out.

For more ideas, you can check this long-distance relationship bucket list for couples.

No matter how good your relationship is by phone or video chat, you have to spend time with your beloved before making that level of commitment.

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