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The Shelving Store Review and Organizing #DIY

Welcome to The Shelving Store, your one-stop destination for premium storage solutions. Explore their wide range of products, including the sleek and versatile Chrome Wire Shelf, ideal for maximizing space and adding a modern touch to any room.

The Shelving Store Review

My husband grumbles because I complain that there isn’t enough storage space to hold everything and keep it from looking cluttered. We shop for something that looks stylish, but I hate to give up practicality for style. Then we received a storage solution from The Shelving Store and discovered style, practicality AND inspiration.

We received the chrome wire shelving unit. It included everything needed to make a four-shelf unit. At 54″ high it is the perfect height for our computer area. We had been using a 1970s sewing machine cabinet for our printer which worked but was a tad unsightly and stylish. The chrome wire shelving unit is compact at just 24″ wide it fits tightly next to the computer desk and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Chrome Wire Baker's Rack

The completed Chrome Wire Baker’s Rack

While I was unplugging our printer and trying to organize piles of printing paper and office supplies, the kiddos read the instructions and put the shelving together. Really! It was that easy. I just had to tap the shelves down once we decided the height of each one. The Diving Miss M read and Li’l Man followed the directions. It was incredibly easy with durable plastic clips that seemed almost magnetic against the shelf.

Once we had it all together, we placed the printer and Tota bins on it to organize the area. It is clean, compact, and stylish. We absolutely love the area. Now if we could just do something about that dated paneling.

In fact we were loving the area so much that my husband found an old, rusted shelving unit that is very similar to The Shelving Store. Same wire design, though a little wider and less deep. He surprised me by cutting it in half, sanding it down, and then applying very thin layers of black spray paint. We gathered together four black crates and added them to the finished shelving unit to make a shoe rack for behind our front door. We placed the shelving unit over an SUV rubber winter mat, so snow and rain fall into the mat and can be transferred outside, rather than saturate our carpet and floors. We don’t wear shoes inside the house and the floor was constantly cluttered with shoes. This has solved the problem. It’s stylish and organized.

modified shelving shoe rack

The Shelving Store has a great selection of shelving that can add beauty to any home’s interior. It’s all durable enough to stand up to wear, and decorative enough to add style. They offer shelves in glass, natural or painted wood, floating shelves and a variety of metals to give any space a flair that captures your personality while adding extra space. The organization is a cinch with The Shelving Store.

There isn’t a room in your home that can frighten The Shelving Store. They offer bookshelves to clean up your bedroom or office area; clever solutions for children’s toys and you won’t have to remind your husband that Cinderella was proof that a pair of shoes can CHANGE your life because The Shelving Store has an option for how you store them. There’s beautiful storage for wine. They even have plain or clever storage systems to whip your basement or garage into shape!

Don’t settle for limited selection and poor quality or complicated solutions when The Shelving Store can make you a superstar! Visit The Shelving Store and get organized with style and practicality!

*I received a Chrome and Wire Shelf from The Shelving Store in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other experiences may vary.
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