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Onnit Labs: New Mood, ALPHA Brain and SHROOMTech Sport Review

I’ve often talked about finding balance on this blog. If you’re looking for mental, emotional, and even physical balance, get ONNIT, revolutionary supplements to help you take care of yourself from the inside out! I’ve been using ALPHA Brain, New Mood, and I’ve tried ShroomTech Sport for thirty days.

Of the three, Alpha Brain is my absolute favorite. It’s is the first-ever cognitive enhancer. It’s designed to help boost your memory and mental speed. I love that it’s made of all-natural ingredients that help find the balance in focus, remaining calm, and being mentally driven.

What I loved were the lucid dreams! I typically don’t dream; however, while taking ALPHA Brain, my dreams were vivid and seemed incredibly real. I loved sleeping just to see what my mind was going to create! It was phenomenal!

Everybody is designed differently. When I was sharing with my husband how much I loved this product and that it was evident from the first day of taking the pills, he wanted to try ALPHA Brain. He took the recommended dosage, but it made his stomach queasy.

I tried ShroomTech Sport which is designed to help improve endurance and energy. It uses the power of the Cordyceps Sinensis Mushrooms to help make a more prolonged and more strenuous workout have a faster recovery. It was created for athletes to have something safe to take on game day and remain competitive without steroids and other harmful aides. Taking this helps you perform at your best with the clean energy that combats fatigue and increases oxygen. I decided I wasn’t active enough for this to have much effect.

My second favorite is New Mood.  I called it a “chill pill” because it made me relax. Use caution when you first use this to see the effects. The first time I tried it, all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep within an hour. I learned to take this closer to my bedtime and found myself relaxing far more quickly. It shut off my brain, making “to-do” lists, and allowed me to relax and find sleep far easier.

New Mood is also the one my husband noticed a difference in me taking. I was far more rested and woke up revived and in a far better mood. It’s a newly formulated nutrient-based supplement that uses two natural sources of serotonin.

ALL ONNIT Formulas come with a First Bottle 100% No-Return Necessary Money Back Guarantee. It makes giving them a try a guarantee, you will love it, or if you have any issues, you can get your money back; no questions asked.  Learn more about these products and the ONNIT line at

About Onnit™ Labs

Onnit™ Labs is a leading supplement manufacturer dedicated to producing the safest and most effective natural supplements on the market. Onnit™ sources only the finest ingredients, each supported by independent clinical research, and utilizes insightful and revolutionary combinations to create balanced formulas. Onnit™ Labs’ current products include ALPHA Brain™, ShroomTech™ Sport, and New Mood™. For more information, please visit

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