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Wine When Flowers Just Won’t Do

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Everyone has that one family member or friend that just seems to have everything. I have several people like this in my inner circle, and it makes gift-giving occasions a huge pain. I don’t want to just give some random knick-knack that will gather dust on an already crowded shelf, but what else is there to do for someone who already has everything they could ever need or want?

I was expressing this exact frustration to my husband when he suggested that I send my friend flowers to celebrate her anniversary. This did seem like a good idea, so I decided to go online and check the prices. I had never sent flowers before, and I was shocked to see how much even a small vase cost.

Wine When Flowers Just Won't Do

While I did like the idea, it just seemed like a waste of money to purchase something that would only wilt and die a few days after delivery. I continued searching for cheaper flowers and somehow stumbled on wine. I had never even heard of sending wine baskets, but the more I thought about it, the more this seemed like a perfect idea. After all, everyone enjoys a nice glass of wine every now and then, plus it sets the atmosphere for a romantic evening together. It seemed perfect.

Some wines take us back to fond memories. I happen to love bartenura wine and now decades later, it’s the wine of choice in the hip hop clique. There are sparkling wines, red wines, white wines, and more. Choose wine based on the recipient; it’s sure to be a well-received gift for a hostess or neighbor.

I placed an order for a wine basket and was surprised by just how affordable everything was; I even added the perfect wine glasses. Even better, my friend loved her gift and went on about it for weeks. Now with the holidays coming up, I know where I’ll be doing the bulk of my Christmas shopping. The best part is that offers several amazing deals, such as 1¢ shipping, so the whole process is both simple and affordable.

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