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Say “I Do” to Home Renovation for Newlyweds

You’ve just sealed your promise of forever with the love of your life. Now, the wedding is over and it’s time to plan yet another milestone in your journey as a couple – your living situation.

After the honeymoon and other hectic wedding events, there’s nothing better than relaxing at home with your new spouse. In all honesty, the last thing most tired newlyweds want to discuss is a home improvement project.

But if you want to rest in a cozier home, a little effort goes a long way for the both of you. Whether it’s painting the walls or hiring retaining wall professionals, here are some home improvement projects to make your home a perfect place of love suggests Landscapes Unlimited.

Install All of Your New Kitchen Appliances

Your wedding guests most likely showered you with tons of kitchen appliances. Once you’ve set up your new food processor, stand mixer, or new blender, consider installing new kitchen appliances that will last longer than the house you’re living in.

For example, transform your kitchen and store more food with a new fridge. But before you make bigger kitchen purchases, read about the different models to determine the best option for you and your spouse. Look for something cost-efficient while still upgrading your current kitchen appliances.

Invest in New Siding

After the honeymoon, you’ll get caught up in your responsibilities. Whether you work full time, stay at home or attend classes, you may forget about necessary renovations like a new siding. Instead of watching it degrade over time, replace your siding now since the replacement may cost more in the future.

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Set Up Your Guest Quarters

With a combined household, expect more family and friends visiting. If you have another room to spare, outfit the room with accent furniture, upgraded linens and some hand-picked accessories that show off you and your spouse’s style. Apart from making the room inviting and cozy, this guest room is perfect for family and friends who want to temporarily crash your newly-married life. Another perk: you can have another retreat in your home.

The changes need not be extravagant. Silky linens, accent pillows, and new curtains can liven up your guest room. If you’re not a big fan of the traditional matching furniture sets, you can always buy the contemporary table you’ve always wanted. A few accessories from your previous travels can also jazz up your guest room. You can also add a calming candle or a potted plant to create a quiet retreat.

Finish the Attic

Does your new home have an unfinished attic? Don’t let it gather dust. Instead, look at it as another room for your extra belongings and the gifts from the wedding.

Also, newlyweds often realize they need more space once they start having kids, which makes an attic renovation ideal for the future. If having children is not yet foreseeable shortly, transform the attic into a guest room or a storage room first.

When converting the attic into a living space, make sure it meets the same building requirements as the other rooms in your home. If your attic is only accessible from a pull-down staircase or a ladder, build a permanent staircase before it can be used for another room or storage space recommends Family Handman.

Finally, consider the room’s heating and ventilation needs. If the attic doesn’t have ductwork, find out if your current HVAC system can support another room. Bring an expert who can analyze the current heating and cooling capacity of your attic, as well as if there’s a need for additional ductwork.

Newlyweds Painting Wall

Home Remodeling Minus the Argument

While home improvement is a lovely project for newlyweds, it can also be a cause of argument and conflict. Certain DIY projects are infamous for causing arguments between spouses. So, instead of having one of your many first fights over the living room decor, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t stay silent. With so many decisions to make and so little time to make all of them, it’s easier to stay silent about “trivial” plans like a switch plate. But if you don’t agree with your partner, speak up or forever hold your peace.
  • Remodeling is like a relationship. Remember, your home’s aesthetic should not be about you only. Meet with your partner in the middle so it won’t be a losing situation.
  • Enlist a contractor. A contractor is an unbiased third party who offers a professional opinion. Instead of trying to gain their side to win the paint wars, listen to what the contractor has to say.

Instead of just spending your free time binge-watching Friends Christmas episodes or cuddling by the fire, set some time for your home. Renovation is a fun newlywed project that can help you discover more about your spouse. Talk to your spouse today and have a fun time redecorating!

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