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4 Slightly Unusual but Lovely Wedding Gift Ideas

If you are due to attend a wedding over the next few months, you no doubt are already thinking about what gift you are going to buy. In which case, you are in luck, because this post is all about finding and buying slightly unusual wedding gifts. Most of the ideas below are affordable and easy to buy.


Give precious coins as gifts

Top of the list is buying some American Gold Eagles from Golden Eagle Coins.

These coins are stunning.

They look lovely when mounted, and can easily be turned into items of personal jewelry.

Potentially, you could buy two, so that both the bride and groom can wear one as a ring or pendant.

If you can afford to do so, you could even buy a few more.

That way, each of their children can have an item of jewelry made from one of these coins.

If you purchase proof coins, they can feature the year of their parent´s wedding.

However, do not be disappointed if the bride and groom decide to keep them in their original condition, instead.

Golden Eagle coins tend to be worth more when they are kept in their presentation box, in mint condition.

This brings me to another reason this gift idea is such a good one.

Anyone watching Marketwatch understands Gold is valuable, and at times of financial crisis, it typically rises in value.

So, it can be a nice little nest egg.

For a young couple, this is particularly important because it takes time to build up savings.

A bottle of good wine or whiskey

Buying a couple of nice bottles of wine or whiskey can be a good idea.

They can choose to drink it straight away or keep it for a special occasion like the birth of one of their children or perhaps their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Of, if they prefer, they could keep it and use it as a form of investment.

Provided a good wine or bottle of spirits is kept in the right conditions, over time, it can go up in value.

It can be sold in the time of need or even passed on to the next generation.

A piece of art

If you know the couple well and understand their tastes well, you could buy them a work of art as a wedding gift.

It could be a painting or a sculpture by a new artist or if you are talented, something that you make yourself.

Personalized Presents

Personalized gifts are always nice, and there are plenty of options.

These days, it is really easy to buy them online.

You can choose something simple like engraved jewelry, a photo frame, or a vase.

Or, buy something a bit more unusual.

A great option is a set of linen made using a unique image that you create yourself.

Whatever you choose to send as a gift it is important to bear the tastes of the couple you are buying for in mind.

The last thing you want to do is to spend a lot of money on a gift that is never used.

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