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Hosting an Unforgettable Pool Party

Summer is just around the corner. Unfortunately, so are the dangers of extreme heat (CDC). To keep the family cool from the sweltering heat, parents have been coming up with ways to stay safe without going miles away and risking their health. Luckily, you can do all that in your backyard. If you have a built-in pool or an inflatable one, you are in for a memorable summer by hosting an Unforgettable Pool Party.

Here are some ideas you and your kids will surely enjoy:

Hosting an Unforgettable Pool Party:

Team up for the theme

Putting up decorations is essentially the life of the party. It will serve as your anchor for how everything else would go. So, before you start buying materials and food, consider picking a theme for your pool party. If you’re going to throw a unique one that both adults and kids would enjoy, consider having a Hawaiian theme. Grass skirts, luau shirts, beach balls, and inflatable palm trees are perfect for creating and capturing that true tropical dream and casual get-together both for children and adults. It is much easier to schedule a party if you have an idea in mind. Summer is all about vibrant colors that are easy on the eyes. So, make sure to incorporate that to give your kids the entertainment and excitement that they deserve.

It’s not a party if no one is invited

Just because you’re hosting a party for your family doesn’t mean you should skip the invitation cards.

So, to set the mood and make the party look and feel like one by picking up your crafty materials and getting those creative juices flowing.

Since your theme is a luau, you can create a flower lei that your kids can wear throughout the party.

You can also cut out tropical flowers or fruits, sunglasses, slip-on, and beach balls and turn them into personalized VIP cards.

An “invitation on a bottle” will also make your children look forward to the plan you have in mind.

A homemade invitation letter shows the effort you put in when planning a party.

This also benefits your family’s health, as the time it took for you and your kids to carefully craft it improves your mental and physical health, shares Forbes.

Giving each family member a personalized invitation card will make them feel more appreciated.

Another thing you can do is to invite your kids’ toys to join in on the fun.

Dress them up to make them look ready for the party, too!

Portrait of age-diverse boys and girls with inflatable swim toys jumping into the water, having fun during summer pool party

Food and snacks

Of course, no good party is complete without food.

When it comes to dishes you can serve, the choices are practically limitless.

It is also worth including your kid’s favorite snacks on your menu to balance junk food and healthy food.

You can go for classic, easy-to-prepare food, such as the quintessential hotdog served with a generous helping of mustard, fresh onions, and pickles on a grilled bun.

You can also narrow down your choices to complement the specific theme.

These mouthwatering options will absolutely please your tiny guests.


Staying under the sun for too long could be harmful to your health.

Even if you’re at a pool party, serving cool and, fun drinks will help you stay hydrated and safe.

Make sure to stock up on some bottled water, soda, fruit drinks, etc. You can also serve cocktails for you and your partner while enjoying a good sunbath.

Prepare the stage

Before the actual party, make sure that everything is in order.

Make time to trim the grass, pull out the weeds, clean the pool, and plan where to set up the materials you prepared for the party.

If you are thinking of having an additional sunscreen station or even conducting pool party games, see that there is enough space for everyone to enjoy.

Privacy is one thing you need to consider as well, especially during the event.

You don’t have to do it before the party.

Still, you should invest in beautifying and securing your garden or backyard by putting up some feline-friendly roofs, Trex fence panels, focal point walls, or even an elegant espalier.

Preserving the intimacy of your space allows you to spend more time with your family in your backyard.

You can have more parties with them without worrying about prying eyes.

Hosting an Unforgettable Pool Party:

Summer is probably the healthiest and happiest season of the year, explains Mind Body Green.

So, taking advantage of the benefits the sun can offer in the comforts of your home is essential for our mind, body, and immune system, especially during these trying times.

One excellent way to do that is to throw a pool party for your family.

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