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Top 10 Ideas For A Modern Living Room Design

A modern living room design has vibrant tones, sophisticated patterns, retro furniture, and aesthetically cool space dynamics. You need to put your heart and soul into creating a dazzling living room. Designing a lounge area requires prehensile mulling because it’s not as simple as revamping your bathroom or garden. Below are a few exciting living room design ideas for a smashing look.

Top 10 Ideas For A Modern Living Room Design

Vibrant & Jazzy Living Room

The sitting room design practically defines the essence of the entire decorating style of your house. When starting with the styling process, you need to set the tone or theme. What sort of look do you want for your modern lounge? A bright open vibe, a serene tone, an eclectic feel, or more rustic patterns? A vibrant and colorful room projects a zippier look that has more depth to the character.

Such a design uses bright hues and bold patterns with classy furniture to complement the ambiance. Take advantage of custom banquettes, leather sofa, bone-inlay side tables, dhurrie, elegant table lamps, and add some beautiful flowers from Roses Only to perfect the look. Finish the look off with a few Doug Wada, Alex Katz, or Gustav Klimt paintings. Alternatively, you could look at the wood, acrylic, or canvas art available at for some decor inspiration. 

Ibiza Style Serene Living Room

Go for a serene calmer feel to your morning room if you’re pining for a comfortable, cozy environment. The Ibiza-styled design highlights glistening floors with conventional Spanish rugs, plastered walls depicting earthy tones, and timber ceilings exhibiting an agrestic aura. Add an Oeil cocktail table, Seigneur conventional sofas, Braquenie curtains, and a few over-the-mantle paintings to the setting, and you’ve got yourself a space that exudes placidity and peace.

An Eclectic Lounge

This is probably the classiest design for a lounge with bright patterns that portray brash and brazen tones. Most of the studio apartments support this design, as it is an amazing blend of hues from the floor to the ceiling. It essentially makes use of the best styles, themes, and accessories to step up the vibe offering a stunning area of relaxation and spending quality time. Add some cool portraits and great pieces of furniture like Cowtan velvet, the famous Baughman sofas, Donghia side tables, Spanish rugs or wool rug, and floor lamps in your eclectic sitting room to elevate the vibe.

Traditional Countryside Living Room

This design is perfect if you’re living downtown or in a country setting. With its rustic elements and bumpkinly look, this is simple yet appealing and a great seating spot for families. Use farmhouse wall patterns that highlight earthy tones like cappuccino, beige, and clay. You might want to use wallpaper like the one from Phillip Jeffries for such a setting and an upholstered sofa, a couple of armchairs, French copper lanterns, oak side tables, and curtains.

Eccentric Bungalow Living Room

This lounge theme is apt for bungalows and rooms with large open spaces, as the design elements make perfect use of the space to heighten the eccentric and off-the-wall vibe. The unconventional design is a blend of personal customization and modern style definitions. A bungalow lounge design is just incomplete without a pair of vintage sofas upholstered in a fabric of your choice and a centerpiece. CB2 barstools, ceiling lanterns, Ralph Lauren rugs, and matching busts are a great way to decorate a lavish lounge area. Put some awe-inspiring artwork like Opie silhouette portraits and personal photos up on the walls to perfect the look.

Italian Living Room

An Italian look for your sitting area, like this one from The Inspired Bedroom, includes 18th-century accessories paired with natural hues. For such a design, make use of straw curtains, floor wool rugs, and wallpapers in natural tones. Complement the look with inlaid Tuscan tables placed near the doorway and Vintage Venetian floor lamps. This design would exude purity and peace, so if you’re looking for a place with placid vibes to enjoy a good read and a cup of coffee, the Italian setting is what you need.

Sunroom Lounge/Living Room

If the gloomy, slumberous winter weather gives you chills and requires some sunshine vibe, add a summerhouse look to your lounge. This would require bright colors and bold patterns for the walls and the floor to add a bit of summer feel. Walls coated in black-stained western red cedar, copper tones, ash golds are the highlight of such a theme. To complement the vibrant tones, add a Masport Heating fireplace, leather sofas, pendant lights and curtains in fabric depicting bright hues.

 Red & White Living Room/Lounge

Another great innovative idea to augment the design of your sitting room is the use of a single hue like red or white. A fiery red tone for the walls accents with a little bit of white to create a unique theme for a creative living room. Use matching curtains with complementing colors and heavy fabric to add bling to the interior. Add a white fireplace, a few timber chairs, and a white American oak coffee table to go with the white patterns.

Geometric Patterned Lounge

A trending design aspect for lounges is the use of geometrical patterns like florals, ikats, and trellis that accentuate the style and modern look of the room. You will need to choose a color theme to go with your geometric designs like greens or browns and then use big colorful patterns to style the walls. A wallpaper with cool swaths and geometrical motifs also steps up the look for such a design. Use rugs in bold hues and curtains to balance the design and add vintage leather sofas, center table, leather chairs, and table lamps to complete the look.

Bright and Open Living Room

A bright and open living room design projects a natural, light, and airy vibe. It makes use of natural earthy tones like white, clay, and peach to accentuate the dynamics. Using metallic furniture for such a design is a great idea, as it matches the natural vibe perfectly. Take advantage of furniture in chic-silver like centerpieces, table lamps, and mirrors including wall accessories and semi-flush ceiling lights for a more spacious feel. Select some elegant curtains and voguish covers for the windows to perfect the ambiance.

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