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Five Ideas to Expand Your Living Space

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These days, it is very expensive to buy a new parcel of land and build a new house. Prices of construction materials continue to soar. This means it’s now difficult for homeowners to have a new home. Some people wish to move to another home to have much bigger space, and if you are one of them, it’s high time you look for a better alternative.

The best alternative you can resort to is to expand your existing living space or to live large in tiny spaces. If you can’t afford to buy a new home, you don’t have to look for money to solve this problem. With your tiny little space at home, you can do many things. There are many ways to add value to your home without spending too much. One of them is to maximize the available space.

5 ways to expand your living space 1

To give you some ideas, here are five ideas to expand your living space:

  1. Extend Outside

You don’t have to limit your expansion inside your home. Why don’t you extend outside? If you wish to have a much wider living room, you can choose to expand your deck or patio into something that can make you feel comfortable as though you are just inside your home.

5 ways to expand your living space

If you have extra space in your backyard, you can develop it into another piece of structure that can accommodate some more people, especially when there are special occasions. You can build a backyard guest cottage to decongest your main house.

  1. Go Vertical

Your living space is probably small because most of its horizontal space has already been occupied. If so, you can go vertical. There is extra space in plain sight in which several items can be relocated from the floor into the side of the wall using cabinets attaching to the wall or taller cabinets as high as the ceiling.

  1. Double the Function of Your Room
5 ways to expand your living space

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Your bedroom is the place where you sleep, and your living room is the place where you entertain. To save a lot of space, you can also make your room both a bedroom and a living room, or vice versa.

The trick on this is to compartmentalize everything as concealment with creative furniture lets you hide a bed within a bookcase or a have a futon. There are plenty of creative ways to transform a room; it only takes a little bit of planning to make it happen.

  1. Renovate Your Home for Some Additions

This is the most obvious idea, but it can range in prices depending what you want to have done as there are permits involved along with skilled tradesmen. Although this process can be costly, you get exactly what you want, and it may add extra value to your home.

  1. Use the Unfinished Space

If your home has space above the ceiling, and you have not built an attic you can consider to continue building this space out. Another idea is the basement as this could be another option for continued expansion, or convert the attic into a playroom.


You can save a lot of money by maximizing the space you have at your home and on your property. The above ideas may provide you with inspiration to make your home bigger so you don’t have to consider moving somewhere else.

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