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Nutrition That Is Good For The Skin

Good nutrition for the skin is achievable and administered through healthy foods and fruits. This guide will help you attain beautiful, healthy skin. A diet and nutrition that is well-administered will make you glow. It is only fair to give the body what it deserves and what is of value to it. Giving the body what is not meant for it will gradually or automatically harm it,  and this will be seen on the skin’s surface whether you like it or not. 

Harmful substances like hard drugs or even overuse of a prescription will be detrimental to the body, and this will show itself on the skin.

Often you want perfect, flawless, and glowing skin, but in most cases, this isn’t the case because of a bruise here, a scratch there with growth here and there and sometimes you might even see husky patches growing on the skin, corn on the bottom of the foot, itchy blisters popping on the surface.

Some skin reactions, however, might not be a nutritional trigger but only a sign of something more that is happening inside the body.

Some of the foods that are ideal for skin nutrition.A diet and nutrition that is well-administered will make you glow.

Nutrition That Is Good For The Skin

Sweet potatoes

These provide vitamin A for the body, and the nutrient found in it is Beta-carotene.

This is a nutrient that protects the skin against tough solar by acting as a sunblock.

Additionally, it can be found in spinach, oranges, and carrots.


This contains Sulforaphane that protects the skin against damage by the sun.

It also reduces the destruction of cells on the surface caused by ultraviolet rays.

Broccoli boasts of many vitamins and minerals that are of importance to the skin like vitamins A and C and zinc.

It also averts the skin from drying and wrinkling.


Soy produces Isoflavones that protect the skin against intense UV rays.

The Isoflavones also minimize wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

It also aids the skin recovery from dryness and increases collagen in postmenopausal women.

Green tea

Green tea produces potent compounds called catechins that prevent the skin from aging and getting damaged.

It is an antioxidant that also protects it against being destroyed by the sun.

It improves the thickness, moisture, roughening, and elasticity of your skin.

Avoid taking green tea in milk because its antioxidants get reduces.

Red wine

In moderation, red wine can be advantageous to your skin.

It contains resveratrol that comes from the skin of red grapes.

The resveratrol compound reduces the aging of the skin.

Laboratory tests show that it may also slow down the production of harmful radicals that lead to skin aging.

Laboratory tests show that it may also slow down the production of harmful radicals that lead to skin aging.


Avocadoes are healthy fruits that contain both vitamin C and E that are excellent for the skin’s glow, elasticity, flexibility, nutrition, and moisturized throughout.

They contain fats that make the skin look springy and subtle. They contain potent compounds that protect the skin against harmful antioxidants. Avocadoes also protect the skin against harmful UV rays.


Walnuts contain small rations of zinc that are essential for wound healing, a barrier against bacteria and inflammation.

They produce little amounts of vitamin C and selenium, vitamin E, and low protein that are fantastic antioxidants.


Mangoes are tropical fruits that contain beyond 80% of vitamins that are required for the restoration of the skin cells.

Sometimes smearing the mango pulp onto the skin clears away blackheads and reduces to big pores.

It also prevents pimples.

All the parts of a mango fruit are of importance to skincare.

It can be refined to make butter and extracts.

These revitalize, protect and smoothen your skin.

Sea buckthorn berries

This is a Himalayan fruit that contains antioxidants that protect the skin from intense destructive rays of the sun.

They contain vitamin C and omega 7.

The sea buckthorn berries stimulate collagen production that boosts hair growth and nourishment of the skin.

Green and red vegetables

These produce beta-carotene that the body converts into vitamin A.

Vitamin A prevents premature skin aging and damage.

Other foods that have beta-carotene include purple cabbage, red pepper, leafy vegetables, and spinach.


Bananas contain vitamin A that revitalizes and moisturize the skin.

They also repair dry skin.

It can be used to moisturize the face skin.

Mash a whole banana and apply it on your face, careful not to smear around the eyes.

Wash it off after about 25 minutes, and there you have your face moisturized!

They treat acne too because they are anti-inflammatory.

Gently rub the affected area with the inside of a banana peel and rinse with cold water, repeat this after a few days and observe the tremendous change.

They treat acne too because they are anti-inflammatory.


There are several types of apples, and the common ones are green and red apples.

They produce vitamin C that helps in collagen manufacture.

Collagen is good for skin protection against the strong rays of the sun.

They contain copper that produce melanin that is responsible for skin color.

Apples produce other varieties of nutrients that are important to the skin.

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