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Quick and Safe Hacks to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are renowned for their enhanced aesthetic appeal and design delicacy.

Maintaining the visual brilliance of glass is immensely important to benefit from the aesthetic superiority of the glass.

Yet, many people struggle to find a shower door cleaner that can provide them with guaranteed results.

This quest for the perfect cleaners encourages people to try various commercial options, even though the best way to clean glass shower doors can be found at the back of their storeroom.

There are tons of fantastic and fantastic home remedies that provide crystal-clear cleaning results and save up the budget.

The most important thing is to familiarize oneself with cleaning shower doors.

Here’s a simple walkthrough for cleaning shower doors in 9 essential steps to clean glass shower doors and make them sparkle.

Quick and Safe Hacks to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Quick and Safe Hacks to Clean Glass Shower Doors

Step 1: Selecting the Cleaning Agent

The first step is to decide whether to use a commercial cleaner or make one from the mixture of items available at home.

There are many highly-effective commercial cleaners, and there are also some which pose a serious health hazard.

On the other hand, several non-toxic materials available at home can also be used to make up a cleaning agent that is safe and effective.

The best cleaner for glass shower doors is the one that causes the least harm to the bathroom ambiance and provides efficient results.

The best cleaner for glass shower doors is the one which causes the least harm to the bathroom ambiance and provides efficient results.

Step 2: Making the Initial Preparation

Every best cleaner for shower doors requires an atomizer bottle or spray bottle, which can be bought easily from the local hardware store.

These bottles sprinkle the agent onto the shower doors, which begins to fight off the soap scum and stains.

Alternatively, a soaked sponge also fulfills the cleaning purpose and can be effectively used without an atomizer.

Step 3: Warming Up the Glass

To resolve the query of how to clean soap scum from shower doors?

The warmness and humidity help break the bond between the soap scum and glass and effectively pre-cleaning preparation.

A hot bath or a few minutes of water running down the shower can surely warm up the glass and will lay a foundation for the cleaning to come.

Step 4: Spray down the Shower Doors

The humidity of the hot water will dry out the glass, and it’s finally the perfect time to begin sprinkling down the cleaning agent.

Make sure to vigorously shake the spray bottle before spraying and coat every stained area of the shower doors.

Ventilation is critical when cleaning the doors, and it is recommended to open up the windows at the time of cleaning.

Ventilation is immensely important when cleaning the doors and it is recommended to open up the windows at the time of cleaning.

Step 5: Begin Scrubbing Stains Off

A sponge is one of the best materials for scrubbing the shower doors. It makes it easy to work around tricky areas, such as where doors overlap.

Scrubbing is undoubtedly the best way to clean soap scum off shower doors.

It is highly effective in removing more challenging pieces of scum and grime, which sticks up on the glass and makes it look cloudy and repellent.

Step 6: Wait the Action Time

Upon applying the cleaning solution, the next step is to sit back and wait for the solution to soften up and remove stubborn stains.

The cleaning or action time depends on the frequency of cleaning.

If the custom shower doors are regularly cleaned, 10 minutes are sufficient; otherwise, some hard stains may also require up to 30 minutes of action time.

Step 7: Wash Down the Doors

The next step is simple; all you need is to wash down the glass doors with a watery sponge.

Removing the residual solution from the glass is essential as it will only stain the glass as it starts to dry.

Using a different sponge for watering is recommended, which doesn’t have absorbed cleaning agents.

Step 8: Squeeze the Moisture Away

Paper towels are one of the best materials for squeezing away the moisture and drying out the doors after cleaning.

The squeegee is also a great choice and helps prevent hard water stains.

Properly drying out the glass doors after cleaning will significantly help reduce the buildup of soap scum.

Step 9: Don’t Forget the Metal Tracks

Sliding shower doors run on metal tracks where soap scum and grime collect up over time.

Many homeowners spend a large portion of their time searching for the perfect answer to a simple question, how to clean shower door tracks? (Forbes has the answer!)

There are numerous techniques for cleaning the metal tracks of the glass doors home to grime and scum.

Pouring a cleaning solution into the tracks and letting it sit overnight is the best way of cleaning the residual scum buildup.

A simple soaking with a sponge or rag will work for cleaning out the solution after the completion of its action time.

Many homeowners spend a large portion of time in the quest for the perfect answer to a simple question, how to clean shower door tracks?

Home Remedies Vs. Branded Products

Homeowners can select from a wide range of commercial branded or home products for cleaning the glass shower doors.

Several amazing branded products are available in the market with low counts of ammonia and chlorine and are ideal for safely cleaning the glass.

But still, protective measures are certainly a must, and proper gloves need to be used while cleaning the shower doors.

On the other hand, there is also a fantastic range of home remedies equally as effective as branded products and the least harmful.

Following is a list of a few home remedies which work amazingly for cleaning out the shower glass:

Baking Soda Solution

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that cuts off the smell and effectively removes dirt and grease.

The baking soda solution can be prepared in a waterproof container with a small baking soda mixed vigorously with the right amount of water.

A paste-like consistency is perfect for cleaning the scum off shower doors.

Vinegar-Based Solution

A white distilled vinegar is a simple and very effective solution for cleaning the shower doors.

The acidic nature of vinegar helps kill bacteria, germs, and fungi.

A vinegar solution is effective on its own, but for greater efficiency, you can also try mixing it with the normal house dish soap.

This solution is perfect for preventing streaks and is another popular and safe home remedy for regularly cleaning the shower glass.  

An equal part mixture of vinegar and water is also very effective for clean aluminum shower door frames as vinegar helps get rid of mold and mildew buildup on aluminum sheets.

Benefits of Shower Glass Coating

Shower glass coating transforms ordinary glass into treated glass whose beauty and translucency rarely fade away.

These treated glasses act as a barrier to all kinds of scraps and germs.

The two common products for treating the shower glass are Lux Clear Protect EnduroShield.

Both the products are extensively used for coating the glass with an additional layer that prevents the aging of the glass.

These treatments can reduce cleaning times by up to 90% and eradicate harmful cleaning agents.

These products seal off the glass surface to ensure the long-term visual appeal of sensational shower glass doors.

We hope these hacks help you tackle the grime next time you clean glass shower doors.

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