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Heart Shaped Wash Cloths Craft Tutorial

These heart shaped washcloths are a quick craft.

You can bundle them in threes, or enough for a week and add travel-size body wash or a fancy bar of soap for a really nice gift idea.

A sewing machine will be the fastest, but you can use a needle and thread and stitch by hand with no problem.

They would even be cute with a crocheted border around them. 

There are so many options to make this a thoughtful and personal gift.

My children love gifting these to teachers and neighbors.

I think they are a wonderful gift for a new mom or bride-to-be.

They’re easy enough to make you can make yourself a set!

Heart-Shaped Washcloths

heart shaped wash cloths
This is a quick craft that paired with a “travel-sized” soap delivers an impressive gift.


To make this LOVE of Heart Shaped Wash Cloths, you will need:

Cotton Print/Solid Fabric
Terry Cloth
sewing machine OR needle and thread

Heart-shaped Pattern

Pen to trace pattern

Heart-Shaped Wash Cloths Instructions:

Draw a heart on a piece of paper the size you want your washcloths.

Cut out heart-pattern

Trace Heart-Pattern on to the backside of terry cloth and cotton fabric.


terry cloth cut into heart shapes
Place the wrong side of the cotton fabric heart to the wrong side of the terry cloth heart.
Sew around the edge using a zigzag stitch (sewing machine) or blanket stitch (hand stitch)
terry cloth cut into heart shapes and stitched using blanket stitch
You’re Finished!
If you like, bundled in sets of three to five washcloths,  add travel-sized soap with some ribbon, and you have your Valentine!
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