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How to Make a Ghirardelli Advent

Ghiradelli Advent
 Ghiradelli Advent hanging on wall
With six children, it seems we are always counting down until (insert: “birthday,” “Holiday,” etc.).
After tiring of the constant “How many more days?”
I created our Ghirardelli Advent.
It’s been a big hit and makes the long days until our “event” a delicious journey!
Ghirardelli advent handing on fireplace mantel

For this Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent project you will need:



sewing machine or needle




marking pen

about 1/2 yard fabric

Ghirardelli chocolate squares

yarn or ribbon

This is an easy project. Miss M made it on her own in 2011 and took first place at the Utah State Fair.

Here’s hers in a Red, White and Blue Theme:

ghirardelli advent banner in red white and blue

Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent Instructions:

 Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent pattern
1.) Create a pattern for your felt envelopes. Measure and mark 6″x2.5.”
      the rectangle on a piece of paper.
      Cut out.
2.) Measure 1 and 5/16 down from the top, fold.
3.) Using scissors, round the top of the 1 and 5/16″ box.
4.) From the fold line, measure 2.25″ and fold.
 Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent transfer
5.) Transfer the pattern onto felt.
      Cut Out.
Tip: Use a staple to secure “layers” of felt, allowing you to save time in the cutting out process.
 Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent cutout
6.) Cut out enough “envelopes” to make one for each day you are counting down. (i.e. for Valentine’s I cut (7) red and (7) white. We will start our “count-down” February 1.)
 Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent adding the button
7.) Center and Sew a button approximately 1/2″ down from the straight edge of your envelope.
Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent adding the button Collage
8.) Fold felt at measurements above (1 and 5/16″, 2.25″, 2.25″) and sew, with 1/8″ allowance, around edges of “envelope” OR you can use a blanket stitch and sew around edges.
Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent adding button hole

9.) Cut a slit for your button to fit through.

 Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent adding chocolate
10.) Place Ghirardelli Chocolate Square inside the envelope.
 Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent ties
11.) Measure and mark the wrong side of your chosen fabric in 1″x10″ strips and cut out.
 Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent yarn
12.) Layout yarn or ribbon (determine the length by how many envelopes you are using.) Tie one end with a slip knot (for hanging) overlapping excess yarn/ribbon.
Now you are ready to assemble your Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent!
Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent assembly
13.) Tie one fabric strip over the yarn.
14.) Place “open” envelope under yarn/ribbon so that yarn lies even with the top of the “pocket.”
15.) Repeat steps 13 and 14, alternating envelope colors and fabric until you have used all your envelopes.
16.) Cut ribbon/yard and tie a slip knot.
You’re DONE!
Just hang up your Ghirardelli Advent and open one envelope each day to find your chocolate surprise!
 Easy #DIY Ghiradelli Advent complete
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