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Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast a Fun Family Movie

I received Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

“Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast” is an animated film produced by DisneyToon Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2014. It is the sixth installment in the Disney Fairies film series, which focuses on the adventures of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends in the magical world of Pixie Hollow.

In this particular film, Tinker Bell and her fellow fairies are tasked with protecting Pixie Hollow. While out exploring the forest, Tinker Bell discovers a mysterious creature known as the NeverBeast, also called Gruff. Gruff is a massive and fearsome beast with glowing green eyes and impressive horns. He is believed to bring destruction and chaos wherever he goes, and the fairies are unsure whether he poses a threat to their home.

Initially frightened by the creature, Tinker Bell and her friends attempt to capture and banish Gruff from Pixie Hollow. However, as they learn more about him and his gentle nature, they start to question their initial assumptions. Fawn, a fairy who has a special bond with animals, is particularly intrigued by Gruff and believes that he is not the danger he’s been made out to be.

As the story progresses, Fawn and Tinker Bell must work together to save Gruff from a group of fairies who are determined to get rid of him. They embark on a journey to understand the truth behind the legend of the NeverBeast and ultimately discover that Gruff has a crucial role to play in Pixie Hollow’s ecosystem.

Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast” explores themes of friendship, trust, and the importance of looking beyond appearances. It showcases the growth and development of Tinker Bell as a character and emphasizes the idea that things are not always as they seem.

The film received generally positive reviews for its animation, storytelling, and heartwarming themes. It offers an engaging adventure for both children and adults, further expanding the enchanting world of Tinker Bell and her magical companions.

Our Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast Review

Disney’s iconic fairy, Tinkerbell, who first came to life in the classic “Peter Pan“, has a new full-length movie out on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD. The sixth in the Steve Loter animated Tinkerbell series, Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast, is available everywhere.

Neverbeast on Bluray

Tinkerbell (voiced by Mae Whitman) is present, but spunky, rule-breaking, animal fairy FAWN (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) is the star fairy in this story about a huge creature known as the Neverbeast. It’s a movie about listening to your heart and that seldom can you judge a book (or beast) by its cover.


Set in Pixie Hollow, we meet Disney’s new fairies, the Scouts, who are athletic and lead by Nyx (voiced by Rosario Dawson). It doesn’t take long before Fawn is in front of Queen Clarion (voiced by Anjelica Huston) for recklessly harboring a hawk that could pose a threat to all the fairies and Pixie Hollow.

©2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

©2014 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Before long there’s a low, loud roar and Fawn’s curiosity leads her to the discovery of the Neverbeast–he’s huge, grey with black streaks, rows and rows of teeth and some seriously green eyes. When the pint-sized fairy meets the ginormous Neverbeast the storyline has a feel of The Lion and the Mouse. A thorn is stuck in the Neverbeast’s paw.

Helping those in need sometimes leads to a friendship, as is the case with FAWN and the Neverbeast, she names Gruff.

The storyline moves with Gurff using giant rocks to build something mysterious. It rolls along with a great soundtrack that keeps the action movie.

Throughout the feature, the popular fairies of Pixie Hollow help Fawn with her larger-than-life friend, Gruff.

Nyx discovers an ancient legend about the Neverbeast and as Gruf starts transforming into a form far less friendly than his original introduction, we can’t help but wonder if the legend of the Neverbeast is true. Add to the legend lightning, green ominous clouds and horns and the climax of the movie had even me feeling Pixie Hollow was doomed.

Don’t worry, it’s not the stuff nightmares are made of Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast has a Rating: G.

I attended a screening of Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast at DisneyToon with some of my best blogger buddies!


Rachel Mouton of Acadianas Thrifty Mom even let down her guard and showed her popcorn eating skills!

rachel mouton eating popcorn

Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast is The Lion and the Mouse meets The Never Ending Story. It’s a fun family movie. Miss M loves it. For me, I laughed out loud, I cried and sobbed and I cheered. It’s a little of all the best things and no one tells a story quite like Disney!

I recommend Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast.

Why Your Family will Enjoy Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast:

Families will love “Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast” for several reasons:

  1. Engaging Story: The film presents a captivating story that takes viewers on an exciting adventure in the magical world of Pixie Hollow. It introduces a mysterious creature, Gruff, and follows the fairies’ journey to uncover the truth about him. The storyline keeps both children and adults entertained and invested in the outcome.
  2. Positive Values and Themes: The film explores important themes such as friendship, acceptance, and the idea of not judging others based on appearances. It teaches valuable lessons about embracing differences and looking beyond initial impressions. These positive values resonate with families and provide opportunities for meaningful discussions.
  3. Memorable Characters: The beloved characters from the Disney Fairies franchise, including Tinker Bell and her fairy friends, return in this film. Each character has their own unique personality traits, making them relatable and endearing to audiences. Viewers of all ages can connect with the characters and become emotionally invested in their journeys.
  4. Stunning Animation: Disney is renowned for its exceptional animation, and “Tinker Bell and the NeverBeast” is no exception. The film features beautiful visuals, vibrant colors, and detailed character designs, immersing viewers in the enchanting world of Pixie Hollow. The animation quality adds to the overall enjoyment of the film.
  5. Heartwarming Moments: The movie has its share of heartwarming moments that can evoke strong emotions. From tender interactions between the fairies and Gruff to touching scenes of friendship and loyalty, these moments create an emotional connection with the audience, leaving a lasting impact.
  6. Family-Friendly Entertainment: The film is designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. It provides wholesome entertainment without compromising on quality or storytelling. Parents can watch it with their children and engage in a shared viewing experience that can foster bonding and create lasting memories.

Overall, “Tinker Bell and the NeverBeast” offers a delightful blend of adventure, positive values, memorable characters, stunning animation, and heartwarming moments that make it a great choice for families to enjoy together.

Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast Synopsis:

Return to Pixie Hollow for a heartwarming adventure, Disney’s Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. An ancient myth of a massive creature sparks the curiosity of Tinker Bell and her good friend Fawn, an animal fairy who’s not afraid to break the rules to help an animal in need. But this creature is not welcome in Pixie Hollow — and the Scout Fairies are determined to capture the mysterious beast, who they fear will destroy their home. Fawn must convince her fairy friends to risk everything to rescue the NeverBeast. This thrilling action-adventure roars to life with never-before-seen bonus extras on Disney Blu-ray.
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