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Disney Junior’s Vampirina Meet the New Ghoul on Disney’s Block!

🌙🦇 Discover Magical Adventures with Disney Junior’s Vampirina! 🦇🌙

Enter a world of enchantment, fun, and friendship as we invite you to join Vampirina and her spooky family on extraordinary escapades! Disney Junior’s Vampirina is ready to captivate young hearts with her charmingly spooky tales. Are you prepared to embark on an unforgettable journey?

🎵 Experience Fang-tastic Music and Dance! 🎵 Let the catchy tunes and toe-tapping rhythms transport you to the thrilling town of Pennsylvania, where Vampirina and her friends put on sensational musical performances. From energetic dance routines to heartwarming melodies, get ready to clap your hands and stomp your feet to the beat!

🎭 Embrace Uniqueness and Celebrate Diversity! 🌟 Vampirina teaches kids the importance of acceptance and embracing what makes them special. This incredible series encourages children to celebrate their own unique qualities while fostering an appreciation for diversity. It’s a powerful lesson wrapped in a charming and entertaining package!

🏰 Unveil the Mystery of Spooky Fun! 👻 Enter the Hauntley family’s whimsical mansion and immerse yourself in a world where ghosts, werewolves, and mummies are everyday friends. Alongside Vampirina, her loyal pals Poppy and Bridget, and her loving parents, experience thrilling adventures filled with magical surprises and plenty of giggles.

🌈 Nurture Lifelong Friendships! 🤗 Join Vampirina as she builds friendships and learns valuable lessons along the way. From understanding the importance of teamwork to discovering the joy of helping others, these heartwarming stories are brimming with warmth, love, and the beauty of true friendship.

🌟 Embrace the Joy of Imagination and Creativity! ✨ With Disney Junior’s Vampirina, the possibilities are endless! Let your child’s imagination soar as they explore the imaginative world of make-believe and discover their own creative potential. Encourage their dreams and watch as they embark on their own extraordinary adventures!

Don’t miss out on the captivating world of Disney Junior’s Vampirina! Tune in to experience the magic, the music, and the marvelous moments that will leave you spellbound. It’s time to join Vampirina and her friends on a journey you’ll cherish forever!

Get Free Printable Vampirina Activity Sheets.

📺 Watch Disney Junior’s Vampirina, where every day is a frightfully delightful day! 🌙🦇✨

Looking to watch Disney Junior’s Vampirina?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. DisneyNOW: Check if your cable or satellite TV provider offers the DisneyNOW app, which allows you to watch episodes of Disney Junior shows, including Vampirina, with a valid subscription.
  2. Official Disney Junior website: Visit the official Disney Junior website ( to find selected episodes of Vampirina that may be available to watch for free. They often provide a limited number of episodes or clips to give viewers a taste of the show.
  3. Subscription streaming services: Consider subscribing to popular streaming platforms like Disney+ or Hulu, which offer a wide range of Disney Junior content, including Vampirina. These services require a paid subscription but provide access to a vast library of shows and movies.
  4. On DVD: Own the series on DVD for anytime Vampirina.

Remember, supporting the creators and their work by accessing content through authorized channels is not only legal but also ensures the continued production of high-quality entertainment.



About Disney Junior’s Vampirina

Disney Junior’s Vampirina is an animated children’s television series that premiered on October 1, 2017. It is based on the book series “Vampirina Ballerina” by Anne Marie Pace. The show follows the adventures of a young vampire girl named Vampirina, or “Vee” for short, as she navigates the challenges of fitting in with the human world while embracing her unique vampire heritage.

Vampirina, along with her parents, Boris and Oxana, and her loyal dog, Wolfie, moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania, where they open a bed and breakfast called the Scare B&B. Vee is excited about making new friends, but she must learn to adapt to her surroundings and hide her vampire identity while attending human school. Throughout the series, Vampirina encounters various obstacles, but with the support of her friends, she learns important lessons about acceptance, friendship, and celebrating her individuality.

The show’s episodes often feature music and dance, showcasing Vampirina’s passion for performing. Vampirina loves to express herself through song and dance, and she and her friends put on lively musical performances, incorporating different musical genres into the show.

Disney Junior’s Vampirina delivers positive messages to young viewers, emphasizing the importance of embracing differences, understanding others, and working together. It encourages children to celebrate their unique qualities and appreciate diversity while fostering a sense of inclusivity and friendship.

The show has gained popularity among young audiences for its charming characters, catchy songs, and relatable stories. Its combination of fun adventures, magical elements, and valuable life lessons makes it an engaging and entertaining choice for preschool and early elementary-age children.

Disney Junior’s Vampirina promotes creativity, imagination, and the power of friendship, making it an enchanting and family-friendly series that both kids and parents can enjoy together.

Disney Junior’s Vampirina DVD

We received a DVD copy of Disney Junior’s Vampirina.

This DVD has a running time of 92 minutes filled with adventure, fun, and plenty of laughs.

Each episode is a fun adventure including:

  • Going Batty-Vee gets nervous when she meets her new neighbors
  • Scare B&B–Vee’s mom, Oxana, opens up a B & B, and two vampires check in as guests the exact same time the neighbors are invited to stay.
  • The Sleepover–Vee invites Bridget and Poppy to spend the night
  • Portrait of a Vampire–Vee’s eventful first day at a human school
  • Vee’s Surprise Party–Vee’s classmates throw her a surprise birthday party
  • Vee Goes Viral–a web video of Vee and Poppy becomes an Internet sensation.
  • The Plant Predicament–Vee and Poppy have to undo a curse put on Edna’s garden
  • Mummy Mayhem–Vee and pals must convince the mummy, King Peppy, that museum visitors are still interested in him.

The Disney Junior’s Vampirina DVD offers a delightful collection of episodes filled with adventure, humor, and heartwarming moments. With a running time of 92 minutes, this DVD provides an engaging and entertaining viewing experience for young fans of the show.

The episodes featured on the DVD cover a range of exciting storylines. In “Going Batty,” Vee experiences nervousness when she meets her new neighbors, highlighting the challenges of fitting in. “Scare B&B” introduces Vee’s mom, Oxana, as she opens a bed and breakfast, leading to amusing encounters with vampire guests and human neighbors. In “The Sleepover,” Vee invites her friends Bridget and Poppy for a memorable sleepover full of fun.

“Portrait of a Vampire” takes viewers on Vee’s eventful first day at a human school, showcasing her efforts to navigate the unfamiliar environment. “Vee’s Surprise Party” brings heartwarming moments as Vee’s classmates organize a surprise birthday celebration for her. “Vee Goes Viral” explores the excitement of online fame as a web video featuring Vee and Poppy becomes a sensation on the internet.

“The Plant Predicament” presents Vee and Poppy with the challenge of undoing a curse placed on Edna’s garden, highlighting problem-solving skills and teamwork. Lastly, in “Mummy Mayhem,” Vee and her friends must convince a mummy named King Peppy that museum visitors are still interested in him, showcasing the importance of valuing history and cultural heritage.

These episodes capture the essence of Disney Junior’s Vampirina, combining fun-filled adventures with valuable life lessons. The DVD provides an opportunity for young viewers to enjoy the show’s enchanting characters and engaging stories whenever they want, fostering creativity, imagination, and the love of friendship.

With its charming animation, catchy music, and positive messages, the Disney Junior’s Vampirina DVD offers a wonderful addition to any fan’s collection, ensuring hours of entertainment and joy for young viewers.

disney junior's Vampirina

This DVD is filled with fun and full of surprises the whole family will enjoy!

I received Disney Junior’s Vampirina for free in exchange for this post. All opinions and my love for Disney shows remain my own.

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