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Wallables 3D Wall Decor Review

Take Your Child’s Imagination to Infinity and Beyond!

Li’l Man has been telling everyone about his Wallables Buzz Light Year. Actually, he converses more as a teaser and leaves me to follow through. I have yet to find anyone who has heard of Wallables 3D Wall Decor. To be honest, we hadn’t either until we received ours for review.

The most common question has been what is a Wallable? These 3D wall decorations are impressive from the get go. Sculpted out of soft and eco-friendly polyurethane foam made from US-grown soybeans. Yep! SOYBEANS! I love it!

We received the Buzz Lightyear Wallable it has been a wonderful addition to the room. I mentioned before that Li’l Man, with help, takes Buzz off and plays to infinity and beyond. It’s really been a terrific boost for his imagination. He’s explored galaxies, rescued Barbie and saved many a day! In the end, what I love best is that Li’l Man always remembers to hang him back up on the wall (it’s a velcro attachment)–the ONLY toy he puts away on his own. What Li’l Man loves best is that Buzz Lightyear glows in the dark. It’s an impressive toy!

As I’ve watched and listened to Li’l Man play with Buzz I realize this toy has created an entirely new world for him. Buzz can ‘hover’ (hang on the wall) and then when Barbie calls for help, his rockets ignite, and he blasts off to save the damsel. I hear Li’l Man project sounds as he pushes on Buzz, his finger sinking into the soft body.

When bedtime arrives, Buzz and Li’l Man have conversations that keep them up past the hour of “good night”. I try not to eavesdrop, but it’s sweet. My boy sharing his day with his comrad! It’s a far more creative outlet than any other toy he owns and one I prefer over television.

Head on over to Toys R Us and check out these 3D Wall Decorations. 

We’re impressed!

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