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Tomorrow’s: Li’l Man’s Birthday

Dear Santa

I know it’s early…long before I even like to think about the Magical Night, however, this year, I have a special request. Tomorrow Li’l Man turns five. He believes in you and so do his two sisters. It was a morning as magical as the one after you arrive November 16, 2005 and now Second Time Around is hosting a giveaway where YOU will come visit if I win.

Truth be told I enter giveaways very rarely. This one really appeals to me. It would be a wonderful gift for me to give my children, on your behalf, of course. It would embed your memory in their hearts long after believing fades.

It ends tonight. I’m hoping for some Christmas Magic that celebrates YOU.

Always a believer,

By posting I received three entries into this giveaway. I’m really hoping for some Christmas Magic as I want to win this for my children!

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