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Orange Mango Mimosa Recipe

Fruity and refreshing, this Orange Mango Mimosa Recipe requires just three ingredients. This cocktail is the perfect drink to start off any holiday brunch or summer cocktail party.

It’s the classic cocktail that pairs well with breakfast or brunch. It’s a refreshing combination of orange juice and champagne. It’s elegant and leisurely.

Its origins are legends.

In 1921 Buck’s Club in London served a drink called “Buck’s Fizz.” It was a drink comprised of champagne and orange juice. The Buck’s Fizz is still around today and varies slightly from the traditional mimosa in that its recipe uses two parts of orange juice for every one part of champagne instead of the 50/50 classic.

Four years later, Frank Meier, a bartender at the Paris Ritz Hotel, claims he invented the mimosa using equal parts sparkling wine and orange juice.

The third legend credits Alfred Hitchcock, the 1940s, and San Francisco.

The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink tries to set it all straight in a compromise that gives credit to Buck’s Fizz as the original and Hitchcock as the one to popularize the mimosa.

It is probably named after the common name in Europe for the yellow flowers of Acacia dealbata.


Orange Mango Mimosa recipe

Orange Mango Mimosa Ingredients:

1/3 cup chilled dry champagne

1/3 cup chilled Orange Mango Sparkling ICE

1 tablespoon Grand Marnier or triple sec (optional)

Orange Mango Mimosa Directions:

Fill the champagne flute 1/2 full with chilled dry champagne. Top with chilled Orange Mango Sparkling ICE. Top mimosa with one tablespoon of Grand Marnier or triple sec (optional).

This is a great option for entertaining guests or just putting your feet up and enjoying an afternoon.

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