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How Crystals Can Change The Aura Of Your Home

Elevate your space with crystal vibes. Discover how these gems transform your home’s energy. 

Your home is the most exclusive place for you to find relaxation and tranquility during your tiresome and busy days; it is a perfect place where you can be nourished and sheltered. Aside from that, negative forces tend to affect you, and your shelter is the reflection of your character, so it also reflec…ura-of-your-home/ts your energy. If the people living in your house opposed each other, it will manifest in your home and will have a tensed force. The home also has dark energy whenever you are mourning or gloomy.

As negative energies affect your emotional, physical, and mental state, it is necessary to create your home as a peaceful and positive area to prevent undesired forces.

There are various ways to transform your home’s forces, such as Fengshui, but putting gemstones and crystals is the simplest way.

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amethyst, rose quartz and other crystals resting on table.

How Crystals Can Change The Aura Of Your Home

Rose Quartz for Happy Forces

People often use crystals depending on what they need.

They sometimes use it for their safety, healing, or their house’s decor.

One of the benefits of having gems in your home is that it can create positive energies.

An example is a rose quartz crystal that is known to captivate romance and fondness, and it can cure a broken heart.

It can also emit frequencies that support heart mending.

In Fengshui, place two pieces of rose quartz hearts in the southwest area of the house as it can support happy forces in the relationship between the family members.

Sometimes, a sufficient amount of rose quartz crystals is installed in a bowl and positioned in the room.

Hematites Work For Concentration

There are times when you or your children find it hard to concentrate while doing your work or to study.

These things might be a little frustrating, especially if you can’t finish something urgently or it’s too difficult to think.

Now, you don’t have to worry since crystals can help you overcome this problem.

Take hematite and place it in your kids’ rooms or the west area of your house.

Hematites are widely utilized in Fengshui to help the energies to center, helping you concentrate. 

hematite in pile
Best Crystals For the Parts of Your Home

Since it is your private place, your home should feel cozy.

It is your sanctuary that will make you feel safe at the end of the day.

There are various places where you can place different crystals to transform and improve energy.

Just keep in mind that you can also play with the number of crystals you place or experiment on how you can incorporate these stones.

Use Quartz, Amethyst, Celestite, and Selenite for Your Living Area

Your living area is the place where you can recline after a tiring day.

There are some specific crystals that you can use to free the room from negative forces.

Use clear Quartz as the crystal clusters can produce positive effects from different directions, so it is better to use it as centerpieces.

Another option is an Amethyst because it can generate a relaxing vibe, clear all the negative ones, and has a welcoming ambiance, making your visitors well-rested.

It is also an efficient air purifier, creates abundance and radiance, and has protecting forces.

You can also utilize Celestite crystal.

This stone is known to create peace inside the house.

It can help family members communicate well.

Thus, if you want to make your family happier and worry-free while inside the living room, opt for this crystal as a centerpiece.

And lastly, according to Forbes, Selenite can cleanse the air, so this is perfect on the windowsill.

Lapis Lazuli, Black Crystals, Turquoise, and Carnelian for the Kitchen and Dining Room

Most of the time, the whole family meets in the dining room, so it is advisable to use a carved Blue Lapis Lazuli because it can provide excellent communication between the family members.

It is also recommended to place smoky Quartz or black marble because it can eliminate negative forces.

Turquoise can also provide a healthier eating habit, so position it near the plates for people suffering from digestive issues.

For the kitchen, Carnelian is the best choice because of its bright orange surface, which can make the cook self-sufficient and enhance enthusiasm, creativity, and develop stamina.

It will also help the cook to produce more artistic recipes.

Spice Up Your Bedroom With Rose Quartz, Crystal Scolecite, and Selenite

Your bedroom is where you rest and sleep after a busy day, so the most necessary thing you have to consider is that it shouldn’t produce stagnant energy for you to have a good sleep.

Rose quartz and Crystal Scolecite can eliminate unwanted forces and produce tranquillity.

For a pleasant mood, while recharging yourself, you can place a Selenite Lamp in your room to cleanse the negative energies and create an uplifting atmosphere.

rose quartz on windowsill with tea candle and succulent
Relax in a Bathroom with Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Himalayan Rock Salts

Placing a Clear Quartz in your bathroom can help purify your body, refine your spirit, and expand your mind’s force.

Aside from that, Rose Quartz can help you soothe yourself and get rid of stress.

It will pamper you in self-care, and even taking a bath can make you feel loved and worthy.

Lastly, for a bath with a cleansing ambiance with curing features, opt for Himalayan Salt Rocks.

This can alleviate the tension in your body and mind, as well as have anti-inflammatory properties to loosen your muscles and spirit.

Utilize a Shungite and Pyrite Crystal for Your Home Office

Placing a crystal in your private workspace is essential to eliminate the forces responsible for your unproductivity.

Shungite is a significant stone with antioxidants, and it can fight against the energy produced by electronic gadgets inside the room.

Another option is the Pyrite Crystal which provides abundant ideas and confidence, so you will feel motivated while doing your work.

It can affect the way you think and advance awareness to make you concentrate on the things you need to do, making your days productive.

Guard Your House with a Black Tourmaline by the Front Door

Don’t forget to use a Black Tourmaline and place it by the front door.

This is a powerful, protective gem and the best option to use in the entryway or on the front door.

Using this crystal is an adequate way to purify unwanted energies and provides a shield to block and prevent you from getting negative forces while you’re outside.

You can hide it inside a potted plant as it can also keep the crystal charged.


Crystals can change the aura of your home. There are several ways to use these crystals’ benefits, which can significantly affect your home’s ambiance and behavior. 

Thus, consider these tips on how crystals can transform your home and ensure a place that has a positive atmosphere for better well-being.

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