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10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Use these ideas to make your home feel cozy. Your home is your safe space. It should be your sanctuary. It’s where you come at the end of a long day. It’s where you raise your family and invite friends over for dinner. However, making a house feel like a home isn’t always easy. If you’ve just moved into a new house and you’re struggling to make it feel cozy and homey, we’ve got your back. Here are ten ways to make your home feel cozy. Some of the ideas are simple, while others are a bit more involved. Regardless, if you follow these ten tips, you’ll be well to having the cozy house of your dreams.

10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

#1: Choose Warm Colors

If you’re open for a bit of a task, throw on a new coat of paint.

Warm, neutral colors can work wonders on setting the mood in a space.

Stark whites and harsh shades can make houses feel stuffy.

Find a color palette that makes you feel relaxed.

woman swatches of color

#2: Display Artwork

Art is a form of self-expression.

Find artwork that you love and display it on your walls.

Art can make even the most rigid places feel comfortable.

If art isn’t your thing, then add pictures of relatives or friends.

Alternatively, invest in home décor items that feel like they represent you.

The key to making a space feel cozy is making it feel more like you.

#3: Utilize Mood Lighting

Dimmer lighting is an instant relaxer.

Invest in more candles if you don’t want to add dimmer lights throughout your home.

If you’re in the mood to relax, you can switch off the harsh lights and switch to candlelight instead.

Dimmer lighting is an instant relaxer.

#4: Pair Hard and Soft Textures

All talented designers will tell you that mixing textures is pivotal to good design.

Think about this technique for different areas of your home.

You can combine a rustic tabletop with industrial hairpin table legs in the kitchen.

You can pair a plush comforter with a steel bed frame in the bedroom.

You can pair a natural stone countertop with warm metal fixtures in the bathroom.

#5: Use Wood

Wood is making considerable waves in home design.

This is thanks to its rustic charm and ability to warm any space.

You can add wood throughout your home.

From hardwood floors to wood signs, there’s no shortage of ways to add wooden elements into your home.

To really up the cozy factor, go for reclaimed wood.

You can add wood throughout your home.

#6: Don’t Be Afraid of Rugs

Rugs are an essential component of comfortable homes.

This is especially true if you have hardwood or vinyl flooring.

Carpets immediately make a home feel cozier, but most people hate carpet because it’s hard to clean and bad for allergies.

Rugs allow the comfort of carpet without the downsides.

Consider adding rugs to every area you want to amp the cozy factor.

#7: Infuse Natural Elements

Studies show that nature decreases depression and improves mood.

So, find ways to incorporate natural elements in your home.

Small houseplants, terrariums, aquariums, and large windows for natural light are great ways to incorporate nature into your home’s design.


#8: Play with Nostalgia

Nostalgia is comforting.

Find ways to add nostalgic elements to your home and make your home feel cozy.

Playing with emotion is an excellent way to add warmth to your home, from throwbacks to childhood memories, to photographs of old relatives, to nostalgic design elements.

Antique furniture, black and white photos, or retro-themed design pieces are all starting points for playing with nostalgia.

#9: Throw Blankets Are a Must

Throw blankets immediately say, “Sit down and get comfortable.”

Get throw blankets that match the theme of your rooms and use them abundantly.

Throw pillows have the same effect.

Obviously, you don’t want your house to look like a constant sleepover party, but small elements like throw blankets and pillows immediately make a house feel homier.

Get throw blankets that match the theme of your rooms and use them abundantly.

#10:  Add Scents

Aroma is a powerful sense and can make your home feel cozy

Science shows that scents can make us feel certain emotions.

Lavender, for instance, is known for being a relaxing scent.

Find scents that you like and use them throughout your home.

You can use candles, essential oils, incense, or air fresheners.

Make Your House a Home

These are ten simple ways to make your house feel a bit cozier.

Try one of them or try them all.

Your house should be a place that you’re happy to be.

If it’s not, then you need to do something to mix it up.

Remember, when it comes to design, it’s all about personal preference.

The most important thing is that you’re happy.

Don’t feel like you have to follow design trends or make your home look like a Pinterest board.

All you have to do is listen to what makes you feel at home.

When you commit to designing for yourself, you’ll end up with a home you’re happy to visit each day. 

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