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Belly Charms Bracelet Review

Bling with Belly Charms Review 

I have miniature divas. The kind that prances around all decked out and bedazzled with girlie girl accessories. At every parent-teacher conference and at every school event, the comments were always centered around clothing and accessories. My girls lap it up! That said, you realize we have quite a bit of flair wear at our house. It’s never enough–just like the closet filled with clothes and still nothing to wear.

Enter a package from Belly Charms. By packages, this one was ordinary. It didn’t come super schnazzy glammed up with stickers. There was no music when we ripped it open. As the bracelet came out, I was unprepared for what was about to happen–MacKenzie carefully took the personalized Belly Charms bracelet out of the dainty bag and began to tremble. We’re talking shake like a leaf in a hurricane. She does this when she is excited or overcome with emotion.  I wrapped my arms around her and asked her, “What’s going on?”

Still shaking, she looked at me with her blue eyes filling with ginormous tears and said, “Mama, it’s the most beautiful bracelet I’ve ever seen!”

We put it on her, and she walked around the house with her arm outstretched ahead of her, making sure it was noticed.

MacKenzie’s bracelet is the Girl’s Swarovski Crystal and Antique Silver Name Bracelet. Pictures do not do justice to the detail and beauty of this bracelet. It’s personalized from the name you choose, displayed in the top quality, tarnish-free, silver pewter alphabet beads to the color choices of the Swarovski Crystal. It features a lobster clasp for safety as well as the ability to add an extension, so this bracelet will grow with the Divine Miss M. This bracelet retails for just $22.99.

Ironically, Belly Charms didn’t start with these stunning bracelets. When the creator, Sonya, was pregnant with her first son, she couldn’t find maternity belly rings. The piercing closed, and when her son was born, she pierced her belly button. Almost immediately, she learned she was pregnant again. An ultrasound technician leads Sonya to a maternity belly ring, and she loved wearing it right through the delivery. There was no looking back for Sonya; she cut the PTFE bar, rethreaded it, and Belly Charms was born.

Sonya is amazing. Sonya has been truly wonderful throughout the selection process and just moments before I posted this. It’s like she is a friend I seldom see. She is warm, friendly, and she cares about her product. Sonya creates every Belly Charm product with attention to detail, love, and remarkable quality.

In addition to belly rings and bracelets, you’ll discover medial alerts, Kid Safety ID bands, and anklets.

One of my favorite things about Belly Charms is that Sonya is family-oriented. She’s a work-at-home mom of two boys, and a small business owner, and she’s doing amazing things for her sister, Sandi. This is an amazing story of love and hope. Sandi is courageous and in the battle for her life…literally. She was diagnosed in May with brain cancer. It’s a story that will have you crying and laughing as you discover what a hero goes through. You can learn about Sandi through her blog, Sandi Fights.

Once you’ve read this amazing woman’s story, check out Sonya’s tribute to her sister with the Belly Charm’s Affirmation and Inspiration Collection. Proceeds from the sale of any item in the “Affirmation and Inspiration Collection” will go to Sandi in an effort to help cover her medical expenses as she battles brain cancer.

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post. . I received the product mentioned in this post in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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