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Chevy’s Mom’s Time Out:One of My Favorite Things

The Chevy Traverse’s Floor Rugs

Don’t you hate it when you make a statement and then find yourself a few days later eating crow? By now I should be accustomed to the feeling, but I’m not. Take, for instance, day two of driving the Chevy Traverse as part of the Rocky Mountain Chevy’s Mom Time Out Program. I really don’t like dirt on the floor and so when my floor mats were scattered with sand, I felt compelled to do something. Typically, I just grab the mat and shake it.

That’s exactly how I thought it was all going down in the Chevy Traverse. The car was started and cooling to our comfortable 68 degrees and I thought it would be the perfect moment to shake the driver’s mat. I reached out to get it and found that it would not come out. I tugged and finally, heard my dad’s voice shouting in my head, “Don’t force it!” so I bent down to investigate. Turns out the floor mat is secured to the floor with a button doo-hickey-thing-a-ma-jig.

From my mouth came the words, “Why? Why would anyone think this was the way to go?!”

I twisted the button and pulled the mat off, shook it, put it back in, and secured it back in place with another twist. It got my goat. My four-year-old had to listen to me whine about that button-thing until we reached our destination. Thankfully, he has learned the art of tuning out Mom!

Now, nine days after that moment I find myself chowing down on crow. It’s a feast of ignorance. Ahem, I l-l-love the buttoned-down feature. I kid you NOT! In my “real” car, every week I have to straighten out the floor mats. The driver’s mat in particular bunches up and I fret that it will interfere with my foot pedals–y’know brakes and accelerator. The kiddos have been known to jump out of the “real” car and take the floor mats with them–most of the time we catch it, but there have been times when Mom doesn’t count the mats and we drive off never to have a matching set again.

This cannot happen in the Chevy Traverse. The floor mats are staying in place. Not just on the driver’s side, but in the back too. In front of each row of seats, there is a long floor mat that uses the button feature. I am happy as a clam to report that the mats are still in place–something which would not have occurred without this feature!

Regretfully, the passenger seat does not include this great feature. That mat is on its own!

So there you have it…a feature I cursed and has since come back to feed me crow!

The Rocky Mountain Gotta Love Chevy Moms Time Out Campaign is being sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers who are providing me with a ChevyTraverse to test drive for one month in exchange for blogging about my experiences using the vehicle. Mom’s Time Out  will be giving us Mom Missions to complete and will be providing us with gift cards to cover the expense of each the mission. All opinions stated are my own, completely honest and objective and not influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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