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Feature: Fancy Shmancy

Fancy Shmancy Feature

We’re gearing up for a birthday party at our house. Birthdays are a big deal at our home. It’s about the child. It’s a true celebration of them and our love of them. The Divine Miss M is busting out some great party details for her sister, Abi.

Abi is my Beauty Queen. She’s everything girl and loves clothes.

Our home isn’t the only one who understands the ins and outs of a miniature DIVA, meet  Elysia Clark from Pensacola, FL….land of the oil :(


She is the creator of the Etsy Shop, Fancy Shmancy, whose name derived from her own girlie girl moments and that genetic factor that passes it on to the next generation. “My Momma used to say when I use to go off on one of my teenage tangents of hair, make-up, and too much eyeliner….”okay Ms. Fancy Shmancy.” When my Little Miss Priss was born it just kinda stuck with me and so when she’s in my bathroom trying to play with my make-up and asking me to straighten her hair I say “okay Ms. Fancy Shmancy”….hence the name Fancy Shmancy and the site name “ILOVEFancyShmancy”!”

Elysia was inspired to do her own thing. “I have always wanted to open my own boutique but life, like many others, had always taken me in a different direction. I had a beautiful family that I never saw and my Momma had just recovered after a five-year battle with cancer….it was the perfect time to use the strength that she had taught me from her own battle to follow my dreams! So about four years ago my husband came home from work to find tulle all over the living room. With my family behind me, Fancy Shmancy was born!”

If tulle all over the living room doesn’t paint the picture on how Elysia discovered her talent, she goes on to explain, “My first tutu I learned how to make from a best friend who was making us punk rock outfits for Halloween. When deciding what to sell in my boutique I knew how cute these would look on little girls and it just so happened that they were becoming the BIG thing for young girls. My shirts came from of course my love for cupcakes and my desire not to just put any old cupcake on a shirt. I played around with many ideas from netting to tulle to pom-poms, and lastly well…that’s a trade secret! LOL”

It’s not the shirt that sets her product apart from others, it’s the cupcakes and ice cream! “This isn’t just any old shirt or tutu….this is the 3D cupcake onesie that your Little Miss Priss will love so much that you won’t have to hang it up in the closet for her….she’ll have already done it! She’ll love it that much! Plus I want my clients to feel like they can be the designer that they can put their own mark on their loved ones clothes and not have to pay celebrity prices. ”

Elysia is very proud of her work and shows great pride as she reveals her absolute favorite creation, “The Fairy Princess design is by far my favorite! It was the first I ever designed and it has my favorite colors in it…Hot Pink and Citrus Green! But….I have to say that the Fancy Shmancy tutu set is a very close second….all the colors of the rainbow….it’s versatile, fun, funky, it has pizazz and is oh so Fancy Shmancy!”

When it comes to being inspired to create, Elysia says, “I’m like any other designer and creator….I find something that I like, like cupcakes, and make it into something that I love…a 3D Cupcake Onesie.”

Her process of creating isn’t complicated, it’s slowing her mind down to put the thoughts into action. “I start off with something simple….a hot pink tutu then I add to it…take away from it….tweak it…and come up with what I call a Fancy Shmancy design. I’ve constantly got “projects” going….from Party hats to fairy wings to newborn baby hats (all soon to come by the way….bring your baby home IN STYLE!) I’m constantly thinking about new ways to improve my product and expand my line. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t!”

When Elysia isn’t creating she says, “I LOVE to spend time with my family….doing anything from going to the beach or now b/c of the oil spill, go to the lake, the park, the movies. All of my family lives close by and when there’s something going on with them….I drop work….even if it means I have to stay up till 5 am to make sure someone gets an outfit in time….and go hang out with my family. I want to have as many memories….great ones…as I possibly can! And I love to take landscape photos….the creations of God are unbelievable and I love capturing them!”

Someday, beyond 3-D cupcakes and ice cream cones, Elysia would says, “I’d love to learn how to use my embroidery machine. It’s currently sitting on my desk waiting for me to learn some patience and figure out how to use it….I’ll get there!”

How does this mom of a darling DIVA find time to create? ” Well, since Belle is in summer camp I’ve had more time to create. I usually start around 11am and end my work day about 2am. The only day I try not to work is Sunday…sometime that doesn’t always work out though. This business is just starting and I’m willing to put ever minute, every tear, every needle prick I have into it to make it FABULOUS!”

“My greatest accomplishment in life beside having a beautiful family is having my business come to fruition. (Love that word…LOL) Having the faith that through God all things are possible!”

Ten years from now Elysia sees herself with “My family still sinking our feet into a beautiful beach somewhere….having a Fancy Shmancy boutique store with creations from not only me but other Mom’s. Living the American Dream….corny as it sounds…that IS ME in 10 years!”

Elysia says, “I love custom creations….I love it when Mom’s come to me with a idea and I can create it for them and their Little Miss Priss! But don’t worry if you don’t want a custom design…mine are pretty cool too!”


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