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arm.ID.illo bandz Child Safety ID Bracelet Review

Armor Your Child with

My kiddos have been known to drive me bonkers. I threaten to leave them on the Welcome Mat for the gypsies. The truth is I worry about losing them…especially Li’l Man, he tends to march to his own drummer and do his own thing. It’s terrifying because, in reality, we’ve heard the Amber Alerts, we watch the news. We know children go missing every single day.

It’s never to soon to be prepared. Ask yourself what safety measures have you taken to protect your child and help them have a game plan in the event they get lost.

I’m happy to say that for the past month, part of our action plan is arm.ID.illo bandz. It’s a safety ID bracelet that has become a sense of security for not only myself but for Li’l Man.

From the arm.ID.illo bandz website:

Arm.ID.illo bandz, the new, highly-visible children’s safety bracelet displays your child’s key contact phone number enabling others to immediately contact you and safely return your child to where he/she belongs. Arm.ID.illo bandz are constructed out of a durable, weatherproof, hypoallergenic material.

Each child safety band adjusts to fit little wrists and comes with a series of number “pupz™” allowing you to easily change the contact phone number displayed on the bracelet so your child’s closest guardian is always only a quick phone call away.

The arm.ID.illo bandz retail for only $14.99 + shipping and handling.

Each arm.ID.illo bandz includes 40  pupz, numbered 0-9, allowing you the ability to change them whenever you need to, and additional pupz are available to purchase if necessary.

The band reminds me of craft foam. It’s very soft. Li’l Man loves the color scheme: blue and orange.

We assembled the arm.ID.illo bandz bracelet and found it an easy process to add the pupz. We adjusted it to fit Li’l Man’s wrist. He likes to pretend it’s a watch!

We reviewed what the arm.ID.illo bandz purpose is and went over the plan he should follow if he should ever find himself lost.

It’s Li’l Man’s pride and joy. He enjoys wearing it and has given him Super Hero abilities. These are his words, not mine. He has told his sisters that he can call Dad without their help. Sure enough, he uses the numbers on the arm.ID.illo bandz to punch in the number on the telephone. He’s at home with me and checking in with his Dad all at the same time!
I love that the arm.ID.illo bandz is waterproof. My son thinks it’s cool and a stylin’ fashion statement. The numbers are easy to read, and it allowed us to talk about being lost and what to do.

There are a few things I didn’t care for on the arm.ID.illo bandz. The first stems on the pupz are thin, and when we were updating the phone number, we discovered they break easily. Second, the closure tab is killer difficult to get on. It took me 15 minutes to poke it through the band.

I shared my dislikes with arm.ID.illo bandz and realized I REALLY love this company. They are truly committed to Children’s Safety. After sharing the opportunities I felt the product has, I received back an email. I am sharing it with you here:

We have since changed the material of the number pupz and closing buckle to a hard plastic. We found that they are a lot harder to break.

During the design phase we tried every possible way (and material) with the closure buckle (snaps, velcro, etc), and tested it on at least 1000 different kids. We figured what better way than to have 1000 kids pulling, grabbing, biting, etc on the closing system. With all of the other ways the kids were able to very easily open and take off the bracelet (at least 40% which was not good). In the end, we made the closing system difficult on purpose thinking that if it was hard for us parents to close it would be harder for the kids to get open and take off. It’s funny because while testing we had more parents tell us how hard it was to close, but we didn’t have a single child pull their bracelet off.

If it’s any consolation it took me a week or so figure out how to close the bracelet, and now I can fly through it. We are creating a video that we are gong to post on the website to show all the parent the easy way.

I love that they are thinking ahead. They’re using every day kiddos, like mine, to test this product and learn from them. That is impressive; don’t you think!

One of the great things about arm.ID.illo bandz is that you can change the phone number on the band to coincide with who is with your child. Whether at home or with a sister or even time spent with grandparents. This feature allows you to be prepared regardless of where your child is or whom they are with, especially if the child doesn’t know the phone number.
parents, Amy and Todd Cameron created arm.ID.illo bandz along with Jennifer and Tony Tiberia. It’s named for the small animal born wearing a natural suit of armor and known as a symbol of safety, the armadillo!


Longtime Friends Amy and Todd Cameron and Jennifer and Tony Tiberia, creators of the arm.ID.illo bandz, came up with the product after the couples shared their nightmare stories of losing a child in a public place. “We knew we weren’t the only parents out there to have had this experience, and research has shown that over 90% of families experience a lost child incident at some point – meaning 9 out of 10 kids get lost at least once, so it really hit home,” explains co-founder Amy Cameron.


“While there’s no way to prevent kids from getting lost, arm.ID.illo bandz create an extra level of security and peace of mind for when they do,” says Jennifer Tiberia, co-founder. “When a child is wearing an arm.ID.illo bandz both parents and children can feel more confident.”

This easily identifiable band, thanks to its orange color, is targeted for children two years to nine years. Each arm.ID.illo bandz kit includes the pupz, instructions for use as well as safety tips. There is also a great feature where you can join the arm.ID.illo bandz “Safe Kids Network,” which is a new nationwide group teaching safety in numbers.


Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post… I received the product mentioned in this post to facilitate an honest review. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other experiences may vary.

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