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Coca Cola Make Someone Happy This Season

The Coca-Cola Company furnished the items in this post. The Coca-Cola Company provided promotional consideration for my participation in this program;  All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of The Coca-Cola Company or its parent or affiliates.

Coca-Cola Santa-2014

I’m a massive fan of The Coca-Cola Company. Years ago, my family had the tradition of being Christmas “Pixies.” We selected a family, and throughout December, we would secretly leave gifts on their doorstep. The goal was to find them home, sneak up, leave the gift, knock and run–without getting caught.

We are big homemade Christmas people. I loved my family and the time we spent, giving our time to create fun and creative gifts for our Christmas Family. We left ornaments, gifts and our favorite was a cardboard Santa Sleigh, filled with Hershey’s kisses and peppermints with a stuffed Santa. The sleigh was led by nine bottles of Sprite, dressed as reindeer, and a card that read, “May Your Christmas Be Merry and Sprite.”

It was the MOST challenging gift we ever attempted. My husband and boys hovered over the porch, trying to set it all up. I remember the clinking of the sprite bottles in the dark. I thought we were surely going to be caught. The challenge heightened when they rang the doorbell, and they all made a run for it. My oldest son took the path most traveled, leading him to the driveway, where he hid on the side of their car in the shadows. As my husband, myself, and my younger son watched from a distance, the family came to the door, and while they Oh’d and Ah’d over the display, the dad and young son searched for the “Pixies” (us!)…at one point the little boy stood right by my hiding son–who, in the shadows, tried to blend in with the automobile’s tires.

It was such a spectacular tradition. It is my family’s story of joy, generosity, and togetherness and how we shared the true spirit of the holiday season.

This season, The Coca-Cola Company is bringing the true spirit of the holidays to life with its “Make Someone Happy” campaign. Celebrating joy, generosity, and togetherness, America’s favorite soft drink brand is encouraging fans everywhere to open their hearts and spread happiness – during the holidays and beyond.

Coca-Cola will début a new 60-second commercial featuring a series of people creating happiness for others – through simple moments like a shared Coca-Cola at the train station or the gift of a handmade picture.

Coca-Cola inspires America to “Make Someone Happy” through meaningful yet straightforward gestures. The campaign’s central theme is generosity – with your time, money, attention, patience, love, and laughter – and how those small but meaningful gestures significantly impact others. The “Make Someone Happy” campaign aims to spread happiness around the world, not just during the holiday season but also after the decorations come down.

Coca-Cola Bottles

This year, Coca-Cola brings back the classic Santa Claus fans have known and loved since 1931. The iconic Haddon Sundblom Santa was created for Coca-Cola and has served as a symbol of the true holiday spirit for more than 80 years. History is an integral part of the brand, especially during the holidays.

The campaign will also feature the classic Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan. The Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan, five trucks each illuminated by more than 30,000 red and white sparkling lights, will roll into cities across the country to spread holiday happiness through December 21, 2014

Coca-Cola Open Happiness


Coca-Cola Prize Pack

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