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How to Make A Hershey Kisses Rose

How to Make A Hershey Kisses Rose

Learn how to make a Hershey Kiss Rose with these step-by-step instructions.

These cellophane Hershey Kiss flowers are easy to make and make a unique gift for Valentine’s Day, bridal showers, birthdays, or just because.

Each Hershey Kiss Rose costs about 50-cents to make and takes very little time.

They require a few items: Hershey Kisses, floral wire, floral tape, tulle or cellophane, and ribbon or floral leaves.

Gift alone, or add a fun Ghiradelli Advent to the gift for the ultimate chocolate gift.

How to make a Hershey Kiss Rose

I once made 200 of them for my nieces Quinceanera.

Her theme was Winter Wonderland.

I used silver Hershey Kisses with blue cellophane, white silk leaves, and white floral tape.

hershey kisses roses in vase

This Cellophane Kiss Rose tutorial is easy to follow, and you’ll have a dozen kiss roses before you know it!

The tutorial is more about Valentine’s Day, so that we will be using red glitter tulle and red foil-wrapped Hershey Kisses.

Chocolate is delicious, and these kiss roses will have you being your own Hershey Florist!

Hershey Kisses Roses are Economical

These Hershey Kisses Roses are economical and combine the gifts of chocolate and roses into one.

In 2011, on CNN, the average Valentine’s Day price for a dozen florist-arranged, long-stemmed roses in the United States was just above $73, according to the Society of American Florists.

At other times of the year, it’s just more than $59.

We spent a little less than $11 on all the supplies, and it should yield about 22 kiss roses–about 50-cents each.

Want the Hershey Kiss flowers DIY? Read on!

How to Make a Hershey Kiss Rose Supplies List:

How to make a Hershey Kiss Rose You'll need these supplies

HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand Chocolates or HUGS Chocolates, red foils

Florist tape

Artificial leaves (optional)–we used a green ribbon

Florist wire–20 gauge works best

Clear cellophane, plastic wrap or used red, glitter tulle

How to Make a Hershey Kiss Rose Instructions:

For each candy rose, pair two Hershey Kisses flat sides together. (you can use glue dots if you want)
hershey kisses roses two kisses together

Wrap the two Hershey Kisses in Tulle (or cellophane)–you’ll need about a 4″ square.

hershey kisses roses adding the tulle

Secure the tulle (or cellophane) over the Hershey Kisses using the florist tape. This will give you a rosebud.

hershey kisses roses bud

Place the florist wire against the florist tape that secures the tulle.

hershey kisses roses place wire next to bud

Starting at the bottom of the rose, wrap florist tape around the edges of the wire and the bud’s florist tape–continuing down the entire length of wire with tape.

Hershey Kisses Roses wrapping floral tape

If desired, add 1 or 2 artificial leaves, or we used ribbon and folded it in half to make a loop.

Hershey Kisses Roses adding a ribbon leaf

Place leaf or ribbon against wire where you want and secure in place with florist tape as you twist the florist tape down the wire.

How to make a Hershey Kiss Rose hershey kisses roses wrapping the ribbon to the wire


Continue wrapping floral tape down the wire until the “stem” is the length you want.

Then, using wire cutters, trim the wire.

How to make a Hershey Kiss Rose hershey kisses roses clipping the wire

You have now completed your Hershey Kisses Rose!

Continue these steps to build a bouquet and arrange the Hersey Kisses Roses in a box or vase.

How to make a Hershey Kiss Rose hershey kisses roses in vase ready to gift

how to make hershey kiss roses

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