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5 of Our Favorite Family Time Ideas

Finding Time to Be Us
We are getting ready to do a photoshoot of All You Magazine. First, she said the children would need to be present. When I explained that two would not be there she wanted to reschedule. I said, “You know I have a LOT of kiddos; right?”
Then she asked, “How many children do you have?”
When I told her six, there was a pause. A loooooong pause.
I realized then that we have a unique family and that finding time to be us is difficult to schedule. Then I thought about the things that bring us together.
Here are Our 5 Favorite Family Time Ideas:
1.) Spend a lazy afternoon laying around the living room watching each other’s favorite movies. We pop popcorn and make it an evening. No phone calls. No interruptions. No plans.
2.) Celebrate the small things as they happen. We take a moment of something small with whoever is around and then celebrate the bigger things in a more organized fashion. We’ve had celebrations for finding our shoes, learning to write our names, sight word tests, etc. We bust out the hoorays and then create a poster or note to share with those who aren’t here at the moment. This extends the celebration.
3.) Take a Hike. We love to hike one day of the weekend. Sometimes they’re small, short, easy hikes and other times they are seven hours long!
4.) Read. We are a family that loves to read. I love how quiet the house gets as we all curl up and read our book.
5.) Dinner. It’s important. We all try and commit to being home at a scheduled dinner time where we can talk about our day together. Sometimes it’s a short dinner and other times we are permitted the luxury of length!
How does your family spend time together?

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