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A Complete Guide To Choosing & Taking Care Of Your New Cat

Consider the age, breed, and behavior of the cat before buying. Also buy, litter boxes, scratch posts, and contact a vet to ensure proper growth.

Cats have always been very popular pets and have been domesticated for a long time. Like many other species, due to evolution and genetic engineering, there are different species of cats.

Each cat is unique in its ways, but almost all cats behave the same and require the same treatment and care for proper growth.

Taking proper care of cats can sometimes be tricky, but it is not difficult.

If you are new to all this, then do not worry because we have got you covered.

This article will explain how to choose a cat and what steps to take to keep your cat healthy.

Happy kitten likes being stroked by woman's hand. The British Shorthair

Choosing A Cat For Yourself

Before you choose a breed for your cat, you must determine the age of the cat you are willing to adopt.

It can either be a kitten or an adult cat.

There is a significant difference between them.

Kittens are energetic and playful, can learn and adapt to their surroundings, and easily get attached to the owners.

You can influence these kittens as they grow up and also somewhat control their nature.

Adult cats, however, have already developed their character.

They are mature enough and have a better understanding of their environment.

This is why adult cats require less intensive care than a kitten would.

If you want to get a pet that you can see to grow and create a better bond, get a kitten.

But if you are looking for a casual pet and do not want to tackle the hassle of raising a kitten, get an adult cat.

The Different Breeds Of Cats

For choosing between breeds, it is up to your personal preference.

The breeds can be separated into two parts, pedigreed and mixed breed.

Pedigreed means a pureblood breed of cats, like the Persian cats or the Burmese cats.

As they are pure-blooded, it is easy to expect the size and habit of these cats.

On the other hand, mixed breeds or moggies are hybrid cats; the Ragdoll and the Maine coon are few examples of a hybrid cat.

As these cats are of mixed breeds, their growth and habit cannot be predicted, which can be an interesting surprise factor.

No matter what the breed, they all can be excellent companions if they are nurtured properly.

Cat Utensils You Need At Home

To ensure your cat stays happy and healthy, ensure the following equipment.

Grooming Tools

Buying a cat flea collar should be the top of your priority list since many cats get severely ill because of ticks and fleas.

Most cats prefer to groom themselves using their tongue for cleaning, but they also enjoy getting brushed and groomed by their owners.

Remove loose furs while grooming to avoid ingesting fur balls by your cat. (Cornell)

Don’t forget to trim your cat’s nails regularly to eliminate the chances of any infection or harm.

A Litter Box

A litter box is an essential item that you need to keep a cat as a pet.

Cats are very sensitive about cleanliness and use the litter box instinctively.

There are different types of litter boxes available, but get something simple as your cat will prefer a simple and easy-to-access litter box; besides, it will save you money.

Ensure cleaning the litter box regularly as cats will avoid the litter box if it is not clean and will go litter someplace unnoticed.

Always get a litter box to avoid unnecessary accidents by your cat.

Scratching Posts

Cats are predatory creatures, and no matter how much they are homebred, this habit will always stay in their gene.

And because of their predatory nature, scratching on different objects to keep their claws sharp and strong is common behavior to them.

So, to prevent this scratching and damage by your cat, get them a scratching post.

Get multiple scratching posts and place those on spots your cat usually finds comfortable to stay in.

This way, they can scratch the posts instead of scratching your household items.

These scratching posts protect your household items and relieve your cat’s stress.

Select the scratching post depending on your cat’s characteristics.

Get a vertical post if your cat enjoys scratching drapes and furniture.

If they like scratching the carpet, then get a horizontal one.

These can certainly make your cat or kitten happy indoors.

Observe Its Health & Behavior

Before adopting, if you see a cat that has clear, bright eyes with no mucus forming around its eyes, that means the cats are in good health.

And as for their behavior, a calm and healthy cat will not get agitated when a human approaches them.

If you see the cat hissing or running away from you, that shows the cat is suffering from psychological stress.

In that case, please take it to the vet for further checkup and find out what is required to calm your cat.

However, if you observe the cat’s health deteriorating after you get it, in that case, additional care is needed.

Make sure the food is alright.

Cats will only eat fresh food; make sure you do not give them leftover food.

Next, take the cat to the veterinarian to find out the problem and buy adequate vaccines.

The most common vaccine, FVRCP, is the most common and recommended vaccine to protect your feline friend from all sorts of diseases caused by the feline calicivirus (Cornell).

It also prevents feline viral rhinotracheitis and feline panleukopenia.

It would be best if you also gave your cat a vaccine against rabies to strengthen their immune system and often check for any sign of swelling that can lead to Fibrosarcoma.

Final Thoughts

Cats are amazing creatures, not to mention extremely adorable.

Cats also live for a long time, so you can be sure that you will have some wonderful memories with your cat, but only if you choose your cat wisely and ensure a safe and secure environment.

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