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When to Clean The Forgotten Things in Your Home

Clean your home – Put the forgotten items on a schedule to help you remember them. Here’s When to clean the forgotten things in your home.

Most Americans clean their house each week.

This may vary depending on the person or family.

The typical cleaning routine consists of dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning the kitchen.

We often clean the places we use the most and where we can see dirt and dust.

While most of us do a great job of cleaning, there are several places and things around the home that we do not clean as often as we should.

If you want your home to be as clean as possible and for your family to be as healthy as possible, you should look at cleaning other places in your home and investing in appropriate cleaning gear.

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When to Clean The Forgotten Things in Your Home

1) Pillows

We all spend about eight hours a night on our pillows, and many of us spend even more time lying on them throughout the day.

If we all wash our clothes daily, shouldn’t we wash our pillows too?

The answer is yes, but many of us do not know how to clean pillows, but Purple offers a guide on how.

We all know the importance of washing pillowcases, but dust and dander can also sneak into our pillows.

To wash a pillow, you must read the instructions and follow them carefully since each pillow is made differently.

You may be able to use your washer, but you might have to wash them by hand.

Allowing your pillow to air dry is a great way to freshen it up and give it a natural scent.’

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2) Furnace Filters

Our furnace filters the air that circulates through our home.

All the air our family and we breathe through that air filter.

Angi suggests an air filter needs to be changed every three months; however, this may vary depending on the size and type of filter that you purchase.

Remembering to change your filter may be difficult, so try to change it every season.

This is typically a good rule to follow.

Changing your air filter can help you and your family breathe cleaner air and reduce the allergies you and your family have.

Changing your air filter may also increase your furnace’s lifespan and save you money in the long run.

A clean air filter allows optimal air to reach your furnace and reduces how much effort is needed to run it.

3) Curtains

Most of us think curtains are only there for decoration, but they are a great way to save energy, limit sunlight, and sleep better.

We often look at curtains for decoration purposes and forget about the importance of washing out curtains.

Curtains should be washed every three to six months to keep them clean.

Most curtains can go right into the washer and dryer, but read the instructions before cleaning them for the first time.

Keeping your curtains clean can help keep up their appearance and keep them free of dust.

Each time you open and close your curtains, you shake off the dust and dander on them.

Cleaning them frequently can help reduce the dust you and your family breathe.

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4) Oven

We all use our ovens for cooking several times throughout the week but do not clean them as often as we should.

Ovens should be cleaned once a month with a wet rag and cleaner.

If you notice a spill in your oven, you should clean it as soon as it happens.

Cleaning immediately after a spill can help ensure that the oven comes clean and the food does not bake into the oven.

You can clean with a special oven cleaner or use the cleaning feature if your oven has one.

5) Refrigerator

Cleaning the inside of your refrigerator is a task that no one likes to do.

You should try cleaning the inside of your refrigerator every three months.

Even though we clean out the food inside our fridge more often, we should all take the time to wipe down the shelves, clean the doors, and clean the drawers in our fridge once every three months.

This can prevent spills and bacteria from growing in our fridge, keep your family healthier, and ultimately keep it smelling good.

Nothing is worse than getting a whiff of something rotting when you open the fridge.

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These are just five ideas for you to consider as you take care of your home.

Keeping our homes clean should always be a priority.

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