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Eclipse Curtains Like your Neighbors Better and Save Energy

Eclipse Curtains are helping me be more neighborly.

We moved here.

This tiny house. It was supposed to be temporary.

We moved in. The original 1950s-something windows are drafty. They were covered with blinds, and we carried on.

Then we met our neighbors.

We didn’t meet them face-to-face. We met them through the chaotic comedy that their life reveals right outside our windows.

Even with the blinds and windows closed, I can tell you our neighbor comes and goes about every four minutes. We make up stories about where she could go in 2.5 minutes, or what it is she left at home and then remembered was in her car as she pulls in and leaves.

Through another neighbor, I have learned the art of dealing.

They are also fighting people. All hours of the night. Screaming, fist-throwing, crowbar-wielding folk.

Then the electric bill arrived.

How 600 square feet could use $150 in electricity every month still baffles me, but month after month, it happens.

I’m going to invite you into our living room.


We also use one corner as a dining room. The front door we don’t use it. It also may be a large reason our electric bill is so high–see the white towel? It is covering a gap that gets wider as it goes down–so wide you can stick a finger in it.


Here’s the view from the other side.

Even with the blinds up and lights on, it’s dark. It is noisy, and there are drafts.

I have continued to tell my husband we need curtains.

Curtains that drowned out the sound offer insulation and offer some tranquility.

I partnered with Eclipse Curtains to show my husband (and you) the difference curtains make in a room.


My husband put the curtains up. We chose the SMOKE BLUE color.

This picture was taken at the same time, same weather day as the other. Same lights are on, and I tried to take it from the same position.


This is the front door area.

Here is another view:

eclipse curtains after front door

Eclipse: energy saving, noise reducing, blackout curtains. Eclipse curtains are made with thermal fabric, blackout fibers and foam technology to block over 99% of intrusive light and reduce unwanted noise, increasing savings by lowering energy costs. Each is designed to add a subtle and elegant flair to your living space.

eclipse curtains backside

The Eclipse curtains are well constructed with high-quality stitching. I still can’t get over how thin they are and how effective they are at reducing noise and conserving energy. They also have these beautiful grommets that we matched the curtain rod for added flair!


We chose the Eclipse Nadya solid window panels ($39.99 at Target). It gave our living room and updated look with light blocking, noise reducing and energy-saving benefits.

Transform any room in your home with the Eclipse Nadya solid window panel. Update the bedroom, living room or dining room and enjoy the light blocking, noise reducing, energy-saving benefits.

We conducted an experiment for the energy-saving claim.

We heated our living room up to 67 degrees and then timed how long it took the temperature to decrease to 61-degrees.

Without the Eclipse Curtains, the temperature dropped in one hour and 28 minutes.

With the Eclipse Curtains, it took the temperature 3-hours and 52 minutes to decrease to 61-degrees.

That’s a HUGE difference and goes a long way in reducing our costs to keep our home warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

Our neighbor comes and goes now, I’m sure, but we don’t hear or see her.

Since the Eclipse Curtains have been up, we are enjoying our living space and are growing fonder of our neighbors.

And for the first time in a long time, I’m not dreading the electric bill.

We have plans to add Eclipse Curtains to our other rooms. We just have to decide on colors!

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