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Utah State Fair

Entries Results

The 2010 Utah State Fair has concluded. We spent our time Friday afternoon after school enjoying the event. My children’s first mission was to tour the exhibits and locate their item. We talked about the talent in our state and I really tried not to project any false ideas.

We visited the Creative/Home Arts exhibits first. We were in awe at the gorgeous quilts, canned items and crochet on display. It took us three rotations through the aisles before we discovered MacKenzie and Abi’s entries on display.

MacKenzie’s was the first one spotted.

Her entry was a red, white and blue 12-day Ghirardelli Advent.

She handstitched the felt envelopes and cut and tied strips of coordinating fabric then labeled hang tags with the numeric numbers 1-12.

The finished work looked like this:

MacKenzie’s State Fair Entry

After judging, MacKenzie found a blue ribbon…yup! First Place!

MacKenzie’s First Place 12-Day Advent

Hanging over the edge of the display table, next to MacKenzie’s entry was Abi’s blue and white star napkin.

It was her very first sewing project ever. She measured and cut the fabric, hand-stitched a star cut out of white fabric, and used the sewing machine, all by herself!

Along with this napkin, Abi also entered a red and white coordinating placemat.

Again, measuring, cutting, and using the sewing machine.

This item was located down the aisle from the display table, hanging from a shelf.

Abi’s project looked like this completed.

Abi’s Napkins and Placemats

The judges ruling, a Second Place ribbon for the napkin, and a First Place Ribbon for her placemat.

Abi’s First Place Place Mat in the Center
Abi’s Second Place Napkin on Display

When that excitement had died down, we relocated to view the photography entries.

It took twice through before we found Zac’s entries.

There were 1,669 photographs entered in the Utah State Fair.

His first was the Barn with a Double Rainbow.

It places FIRST.

Zac’s First Place Photograph: Barn with Double Rainbow

The second entry, Two Dandelions, received Second Place.

Zac’s Second Place Photograph: Two Dandelions
Also Chosen to Tour with The Utah Arts Council

Two Dandelions is also one of 23 photographs selected by the Utah Arts Council to go on tour for the next year.


My children are each excited for one another and their own awards. As their mother, I am filled with pride. We entered five items and brought home three First Place Ribbons, two Second Place Ribbons and the honor of having a photograph selected to go on tour with the Utah Arts Council.


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