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Travel with Fringe Season Three to an Alternate Universe

I was once saddened when X-Files came to an end. Thankfully Fringe has satisfied my cravings for all things supernatural. After all, we’re all seeking the mystery of the universe and in the third season of Fringe, the 22-episodes will have that mystery deepening.

Fringe follows the casework of the Fringe Division, a Joint Federal Task Force supported primarily by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The show has great characters like  Agent Olivia Dunham; Dr. Walter Bishop, the archetypal mad scientist; and Peter Bishop, Walter’s estranged son and jack-of-all-trades. The force’s director is Philip Broyles.

While the division investigates all things pertaining to fringe science–we’re talking transhumanist experiments and possible collisions of parallel universes the show builds excitement. Take Fringe: Season Three where the team, with the exception of Olivia, escapes from the parallel universe. Olivia is trapped in the other world and replaced in our world by who double. It heats up when her double takes Peter and Olivia’s relationship to a whole new level. But it doesn’t end there, Olivia escapes the parallel universe, bonds of trust unravel and more bizarre and frightening phenomena occur as secrets are revealed, but will they destroy the universe?

If I could live in an alternate universe, I think I’d like to be a travel journalist. Wouldn’t Samanta Brown’s job on the Travel channel just be the most fulfilling and rewarding career? Imagine traveling to faraway places and living large or like the community. It would be such an adventure. I could remain Mom at home to my own six-pack and be a travel journalist in the other.

If a version of you existed in an alternate universe, what would you do?

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