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Careers from Traveling

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Travel broadens the mind, or so they say, and there’s no doubt that visiting new places and exploring different cultures is a great way to see and enjoy the world, have interesting experiences, and sometimes even learn new skills. In fact, if you love to travel and want to find new ways to work so that you can sustain your wanderlust, there are plenty of choices for you when it comes to seeking out a career. Here are a few ideas to tempt you.


Explore Travel Writing

Though it’s possible to be an “armchair” travel writer, becoming an authentic and experienced travel writer requires you actually to travel, and this is perhaps the most fantastic solution to finding a career that enables your traveling habit. As long as you can develop the quality of your writing and editing skills and work out how to express your thoughts and experiences so that they are attractive and appealing to others, you will soon become confident enough to make the most of your situation. This is the way to learn what to write about and how exactly you can connect with people from all over the world who yearn to have the experiences that you enjoy.

Try Teaching

Language teaching is in demand across the globe, so if you enjoy communicating in one or more languages, you’ll find someone, somewhere who would like you to teach them. For example, English teachers are wanted in lots of countries, and a simple qualification can easily be obtained from one of the many online suppliers. Teaching English is very rewarding, particularly so if you decide to work in countries where young people are underprivileged, as this means that you are making a real difference to their education, their society, and their prospects.

Become an Au Pair

If your language skills stretch beyond your mother tongue, and you enjoy the company of children, it’s an interesting and fulfilling experience to embark on a career as an au pair. Besides developing skills in caring for young people, which may well help with future employment opportunities, you can improve your grasp of your chosen language and gain a greater understanding of the cultural values that apply to your new location.

Develop your Transferable Skills

Just as your love of travel reflects your desire to be free and mobile, so the skills that you acquire during your lifetime can help you adapt and move on no matter where you fetch up. One great example is the career of Mark Green, who first traveled the world when working with the military, then went on to forge a path in the medical sector, and finally went into politics. If you become an expert in certain fields, you can almost always transfer the skills that you learn there to different jobs in different locations.

Be a Tour Guide

Once you get to know a certain geographical area really well, you may want to think about becoming a tour guide. You will need to be outgoing and friendly and to positively enjoy showing travelers around your new (if perhaps temporary) home. The visitors that you escort will mostly be people who love to travel, just like you, so as long as you are happy to get into a conversation and you are passionate about the new city or country in which you live, you’re bound to love your new job as a tour guide.

Become a Flight Attendant

While this is a role that may be considered perfect by avid travelers, and one that is often very enjoyable, becoming a flight attendant is not always as easy or as wonderful as it looks. Yes, you get to visit lots of exotic destinations; however, your stopovers may be one or two days at most, and sometimes this might provide sufficient time to sleep but little more. On the plus side, it may be ideal for those who love to travel as you would certainly be jetting around the world and could wake up in a different city every few days. Prior experience in customer service and a relevant diploma or certificate is usually expected if you want a career in this field.

Travel Well

Finally, if you want to broaden your mind and see the world, travel is undoubtedly the tonic that you need. It’s all the more wonderful if you can combine satisfying your passion for exploring new places with enjoying interesting jobs as you go. Are you brave enough to take a walk on the wild side and turn your next vacation into a permanent adventure?

Just remember to research into the countries financial and legal matters before you begin working there. The majority follow very strict tax procedures, and you’ll want to be on records. It is highly recommended to apply for a new PAN card to make sure you are registered.

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