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Family-Friendly Outdoor Spaces The Ultimate Guide

Your backyard is your oasis, where you can relax and play. Here is the ultimate guide to family-friendly outdoor spaces.

5 Tips for Bringing Your Vision of Family-Friendly Outdoor Spaces to Life

With energetic little ones bouncing off the walls, your suburban family home will likely fail to contain these bundles of energy (at least without disaster ensuing). Fortunately, a wide-open backyard with a jungle gym and kid-friendly lawn games is the perfect place to engage your little ones in play that captures attention. Your green grass can set the stage for all sorts of mid-day activities— a raceway, an obstacle course, a stadium, and so on. Lawn games are another excellent boredom-buster. Consider backyard-friendly Jenga and oversized tic-tac-toe to keep wandering hands busy.  For those parents hoping to keep summer-vacation boredom at bay, turn your backyard into a massive canvas. Your backyard is your oasis, where you can relax and play. Here is the ultimate guide to family-friendly outdoor places.

Besides keeping your little ones out of trouble, outdoor play in childhood development is incredibly vital. For starters, playing outdoors helps develop critical motor skills, gives your kiddos a newfound appreciation for nature, and encourages routine exercise.

Without breakables interrupting afternoon fun, your little ones can roam free, explore your home’s outdoor spaces, and satisfy their undying curiosity. However, a few common backyard hazards may halt outdoor hullabaloos. For example, everyday backyard items, like grills and uncovered pools, pose a danger to curious elementary schoolers. That said,  it’s no surprise that a concerned parent’s worst fear is curious little hands grazing the surface of a hot BBQ or taking an unauthorized dip in your backyard pool without a life jacket.

To steer clear of backyard mishaps, warn your younger children of burn risk and ensure that nearby plants aren’t potentially poisonous if accidentally ingested. Additionally, put rocks and uneven lawns on your radar, as these are often the culprits of stubbed toes and scuffed knees.

Backyard residential garden grass

Recognize the importance of a kid-friendly grass lawn

A carefully cultivated lawn provides a safe place to play, as well as being relaxing and calming. While artificial grass may seem like the most straightforward path to the vibrant green lawn of your dreams — toxins and chemicals that make up the rubber backing in artificial grass can be dangerous to your child. That said, it’s much preferred to have a real, natural lawn— sprouted reliable grass seeds, says

Have an open area

A wide-open backyard is the perfect arena for blowing off steam with after-school games of tag and mid-summer make-believe sessions. Unlike your limited capacity living room, little ones can run and skip to their heart’s desire. A large, unobstructed lawn also allows for more sizable play equipment and space-consuming lawn games— from kickball to impromptu soccer matches.

Fenced green backyard with playground for kids

Add some other greenery

Along the edges of your lawn, consider adding other flora. Flowers, shrubs, and trees can add visual appeal to make your backyard a true oasis.

Consider backyard furniture

A weather-resistant couch, a play structure, hammocks, and treehouses are great options for backyard furniture. With outdoor seating at your children’s disposal, they’ll have a perfect nap spot and home base for games of tag. That said, there’s no reason not to add backyard-friendly furniture to your outdoor spaces.

Fully landscaped backyard with a beautiful fire pit and stone patio

Make it your own

DIY backyard projects include gardens, planter boxes, and even made-at-home lawn games. The sky’s the limit! Your backyard can also be a studio space where you and your kids can let your creative minds run wild.

Final thoughts

Your backyard is your oasis, where you can relax and play. It’s one of our favorite family=friendly outdoor spaces. A big luscious lawn is more than just green grass— it’s a home base where you and your kids can play, release pent-up energy, be creative, and have fun as a family. With these few simple tips, you can bring your backyard vision to life in a snap, agrees Forbes.

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