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Must-Have Furniture for a New Home

Moving to a new home and making a fresh start is often accompanied by mixed emotions. The excitement it generates is unmatched, while the anxieties it spawns might be overwhelming. When I moved out of my parents’ home, I encountered the same sensations. What lingered behind my brain was how to make my new home comfortable.

Regardless of the style, decor, design, and appliances of my new home (such as a sputnik chandelier, to name one example), there was one thing that I desired the most. And that is furniture. Some pieces of furniture are too basic to be ignored. Here are essential pieces of furniture that got me started.

Home Interior with Furniture

A Great Sofa

At the top of the must-have furnishings is the sofa.

A new house cannot be truly referred to as a home without this piece of furniture.

It’s where I sit on, lounge on, and sometimes sleep on.

It’s something I use daily and accommodates my guests.

Shopping for a sofa shouldn’t be a daunting task.

It entirely depends on the budget one has and the interior décor of a home.

I started with a cheap, but comfortable couch that did the job, and later upgraded to real leather upholstery.

A Bed

Almost a third of most people’s days are spent in bed. It’s what relaxes our bodies after a hard day’s work and prepares us for the next day.

Few living spaces are devoid of this essential item.

A simple mattress might do the trick, but one needs a well-constructed, cozy bed.

Due to budgetary issues, my first bed was an air bed.

It served me well for some time till I upgraded to something long-lasting.

Beds don’t need to cost an arm but should be of the required size, firmness, and above all cozy.

Bed Room Interior Design Home

Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers serves different functions in different sections of a home.

It holds supplies and linens in the bathroom while it stores, socks, pants, and undergarments in the bedroom.

In the living room, it holds books, supplies, CDs, and office supplies.

In the hallway, it might store scarves, hats, and gloves.

Due to its versatility, this piece of equipment is a welcome addition to any new home.

Coffee Table

A coffee table isn’t as vital as a bed or sofa in a new home.

However, our living rooms feel incomplete when coffee tables are missing.

All the décor elements revolve around this piece of furniture.

It’s also functional and serves various roles such as carrying decorations, holding books, and a platform for having morning coffee.

Different aspects are involved when shopping for a new coffee table.

When shopping, I considered the size of my new living room, then went for something that occupied less space.

I also went for a table with shelves to store books, while leaving plenty of free space on top.

The Ottoman

At first glance, an Ottoman might resemble a luxury item, but it isn’t.

It’s as equal a necessary piece of furniture as a coffee table.

Its versatility comes in handy for a new home.

You can get them easily thanks to sites like Wayfair, to name one example.

As for what it is: an Ottoman is an upholstered seat that often lacks arms and a back.

Before I acquired a coffee table, the Ottoman acted as one.

I also use it as a stool or a footstool.

The ideal choice for an Ottoman is one with a leather cover or a sturdy fabric.

Lighting and Lamps

Lamps and lighting are essential for illuminating any home.

Unfortunately, some new homes have unfavorable lighting systems.

That was the case for my first house.

It was a small home that had harsh overhead lighting.

I got rid of the entire system and installed new lighting and lamps.

I started by installing floor lamps.

They instantly added aesthetics and entirely transformed the living room.

Wall-mounted lamps also worked wonders in my bedroom.

The best lighting results are based on the lampshade one chooses.

Luxury Home Interior

A Dining Table

Every new home needs a table to eat on. A rectangular table is needed for larger families, but for smaller families, a square table is all that’s needed. Before I got a dining table, I used an alternative tabletop mounted on a sturdy base. It wasn’t ideal, but it’s what kept me going for months.


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