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Turn a Small Backyard Into a Happy Social Area

Last year was a difficult time when it came to socializing. Restaurants and bars were either closed or restricted to numbers. Gatherings were limited to small numbers. And some people were kept apart from loved ones by travel restrictions.

Now that Covid restrictions are being loosened, with Florida suspending their rules on group gatherings back in May, it might be time to get a few friends together again. What better place to do this than in your own garden?

However, what can you do if you have neglected your outdoor area, and you’re not much of a gardener? One solution for improving the look of a garden and creating a great social area at the same time is to add a feature.

What is the best feature for a garden to create a social area?

If you are looking to make an area for you and your partner to relax on, and to share with family and friends, then there are a few options to consider.

There are a lot of things that could ruin a garden, so think carefully before you invest your time and money into this area.

Some areas to consider are:

  • A permanent BBQ area
  • Installing Decking
  • Erecting a Gazebo
  • Installing a Patio

You can read about the pros and cons of each of these areas in a bit more detail below.

small backyard with patio and grass


Building your own BBQ pit

Barbecues are one of the most perfect ways to pull family or friends together in a garden.

Planning a permanent area for a barbecue, or an outdoor kitchen can take this to another level.

The investment needed to create the perfect barbecue may not be too great either.

If you are able to build or know someone who can, then there may be no need to employ any professionals.

All you need is to purchase the barbecue and construct work surfaces, but if you really want to impress then go the whole hog, so to speak.

A barbecue area with fitted equipment, a small fridge, and a wooden roof could look great and bring the hidden BBQ pit boss out in you.

Installing decking

Putting decking into a garden is one of the best ways to add value to a home.

It can return 85% of its cost straight onto the sale value of a property, and sometimes even higher.

To put that into straight terms, a $10,000 investment in decking would yield an extra $8,500 onto the value of your home.

Plus, you and your friends get to enjoy the outdoors more.

Decking can be highly attractive and add a distinct look and feel to a garden.

For future gatherings in Florida, it may be an idea to employ some deck builders in Orlando to get the party area ready.

By installing suitable outdoor lights, the use of this area can be extended into the night too.

Erecting a gazebo

For a gazebo to truly work, there should be a view to appreciate.

They were originally designed to perform as viewing pavilions and so they work well on hills and other raised areas.

However, there is no reason why you couldn’t consider a gazebo or perhaps a summer house if the garden was suitable.

Adding a feature such as this or decking ensures that the garden has a focus point. Not to mention an area for gathering and relaxing in.

Install a patio

When it comes to throwing the perfect springtime garden party, a patio garden can be perfect.

In the same way that decking provides a great gathering area, a patio can perform a similar job.

There are some similarities between decking and a patio. Both can also be used to display flower pots and plants.

Both can accommodate garden furniture, and both usually join to the edge of the home.

A patio can also be raised just as decking can be installed on different levels with steps leading to each area.

There is one major difference though, decking is made from wood, while a patio is concrete.

How much this matters will be down to the home owner’s personal aesthetics, but many may find the natural wooden look of decking more appealing.

Another similarity is that patios add value to a home in the same way that decking does, although patios normally cost less to install.


An outdoor kitchen with a fitted barbecue could be very appealing when it comes to gatherings of a social nature, and these days BBQs can be far more sophisticated than in the past.

If it is the value you wish to add to your home as well as an area to gather in, then any type of terrace that abuts the property will help.

This normally means decking, patios, or even an area of gravel.

If you choose to add decking or a patio then don’t forget to make it extra useful by installing outdoor lights.

Then your social gatherings will stretch from the day to the night, and perhaps the hangovers too.


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