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The Best Large Family Dog Breeds

Are you looking for a new best friend for your family?

You know, a big, furry one?

We’re guessing you want one that’s big enough to protect your children but gentle and intelligent enough not to hurt them.

If so, then look no further.

Right here, we’ve made a list of the best large dog breeds for families with kids.

These dogs are bred to be loving, loyal, and highly trainable.

They’re a perfect fit for any family.

A good air purifier is a fantastic help at keeping your room feeling and smelling fresh when you have pets.

Find the best large family dog for your household from one of the breeds below.

Various breeds of dogs sitting on autumn meadow


The Best Large Family Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever

According to Reuters, there’s a reason Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the U.S…

Gentle and kind, they’re always looking to make new friends.

And they usually won’t play too rough.

They’re brilliant and, therefore, easy to train.

They love learning tricks.

Trained right, they can learn to clean up their toys or do other helpful tasks.

They also tend to have a silly side. Each lab has its own unique, quirky personality—a perfect new addition to any family.

golden Labrador retriever.


Newfoundlands are the gentle giants of the dog world.

They are originally bred to be rescue dogs, steadfastness, love, and loyalty hardwired into their DNA.

They’re probably the closest thing there is to a living teddy bear.

But they’ll also protect your family with all their hearts.

However, because they are so protective, they need a lot of socialization when they’re young.

Otherwise, they may become suspicious of others and see unfamiliar people as threats.

black Newfoundland dog panting while sittingare the gentle giants of the dog world. Originally bred to be rescue dogs, steadfastness, love, and loyalty are hardwired into their DNA.

Golden Retriever

Arguably the most cheerful dog breed, golden retrievers are known for their heartwarming, happy dog smiles.

Like their Labrador cousins, they are gentle, intelligent friend-makers.

They love people, animals, playing, or just hanging out.

Most of the time, they seem more like people than dogs!

But their most defining attribute is that they are true people-pleasers, down to the core.

Their favorite thing in the world is to make their people happy.

This makes them, perhaps, even more, accessible to train than labs.

For this reason, first-time dog owners should consider getting a golden retriever.

golden retriever laying in grass with sunburst in horizon

Standard Poodle

Since poodles are so famous as show dogs, they’ve earned an unfortunate and quite unfair stereotype.

Many people think poodles are only for professional dog trainers or rich snobs who want an award-winning show-dog to brag about.

But, in truth, standard poodles are a great big dog for any family.

They are very social dogs that tend to get along well with everyone.

They are also extremely intelligent, hence their prominence in dog shows.

Less commonly known is that they are one of the longest living large dog breeds, says Canine Weekly.

A newly-adopted standard poodle puppy could likely be part of your family for 14 or 15 years.

They also shed very little compared to other breeds.

This makes them one of the most hypoallergenic dog breeds for families with allergies.

black standard poodle in perfect poise

Best Large Family Dog

The best large family dog is one who’s as passionate and protective of your loved ones as you are.

They’re not just pets.

They’re family.

Remember these breeds next time you’re looking to adopt.

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