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10 Key Reasons Why Labradors Make the Best Pets

Nearly everyone has had a dog at some point in their life.

They’re genuinely our best non-human companions. Sometimes, they’re better than our human companions. They don’t judge you, and they don’t care when you’ve been too lazy to shower all weekend.

The problem is figuring out what kind of dog you should get.

Of course, everyone has their own opinions. You’ll hear horror stories from one person and fairytales from another about the same breed.

If you’re new to dogs, ultimately, it comes down to researching to find the right dog for you and your family.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn why Labradors make the best pets!

golden labrador makes the best pet

Why Do Labradors Make the Best Pets?

As we suggested above, everyone has their own opinions about dog breeds.

However, Labradors have been America’s favorite dog for some time, and there’s got to be a reason for it, says

Well, there is a reason for it. We’ll give you 10!

1. Labs Just Want to Love and Be Loved

Labradors thrive and survive off of affection. They enjoy giving and receiving it. Labs love human interaction.

Labradors seem to feel your moods and emotions more than other dogs, making them great companions and therapists.

No matter what kind of day you’ve had, when you get home, a Labrador’s going to be there waiting to make you feel better.

And odds are, they’re going to be successful!

2. Labs Are Great for the Whole Family

Along with having a loving personality, Labradors are sweet and gentle.

This makes them the best pets for any family. Small children are safe to be around and play with them, even in the backyard.

Just remember, excited dogs can sometimes become reckless dogs. You should always be careful with any dog and small children.

3. Labs Are Incredibly Intelligent

Have you ever told a dog to sit or lay down, and they just stared at you as though you asked them to explain quadratic equations?

With Labradors, you won’t need to worry about that. They’re brilliant and obedient, says Good Housekeeping.

Due to their intelligence, Labradors are commonly used as hunting or working dogs.

However, just like a child who is too intelligent for a class in school, a bored Lab will act out and misbehave. Labradors can become quite destructive when left with nothing but their boredom.

4. Labs Are Loyal

As we’ve already discussed, Labradors have an incredibly loving and tender personality, especially with humans.

However, it’s important to note that no matter how many people your labs allow to pet and love on him, he’ll always come back to you. Labradors are supremely loyal dogs and know who mommy or daddy is.

Other breeds have been so affectionate with people in general, and they don’t care where they go home. Labs are not this way, and they will always want to be at home with their number one favorite human – you.

5. Labs Give You a Reason to Be Active

Labradors have a lot of energy. They will need a yard to run around in and take frequent walks or hikes.

While this may turn some people off, most people look at it as a reason to be more active. And let’s be honest, we could all stand to be more active.

Labradors give owners the incentive to get out and move their bodies! Plus, it serves as a good bonding time between you and your four-legged companion.

6. Labs Have Infectious Good Energy

As we just covered, Labradors have a lot of physical energy they need to burn every day.

However, they also carry with them a lot of positive emotional energy. Labs are known for having a happy and cheerful disposition, and that type of energy is hard to ignore.

Labrador owners are not uncommon to come home in a funk but fully recover after spending some quality time with their Lab!

Lab breeders often have difficulty saying goodbye to puppies because they feel like they’re losing an emotional companion!

7. Labs Have Great Temperaments

The temperament of Labradors includes their energy levels and fondness for people, but it also covers so much more!

For example, labs are especially patient animals for children, training, and even other animals.

Their general good-naturedness is one of the reasons Labradors are looked upon so fondly as pets.

8. Labs Take Direction Well

Labradors are people animals. They not only love us, but they also love to please us.

Their desire to please us, mixed with their superior intelligence, makes them attentive listeners and fantastic direction followers.

9. Labs Have Short, Easy-to-Groom Hair

Labrador hair is short and bristly, yet soft, making their stray hair easy to clean up. Now, Labs aren’t as soft as their long-haired counterparts, such as Huskies and Golden Retrievers, but that also means easier caretaking.

Labradors have a short double coat of hair that is easy to brush and sheds on its own.

Depending on the unique personality of your Lab and how much they like rolling around in the dirt, you shouldn’t need to groom them too much.

10. Labs Can Keep up

One of the best perks about owning a Labrador is that you have a built-in adventure partner. Hiking, camping, fishing, you name it, your Lab is in the thick of it with you.

Better yet, your Labrador will be able to keep up with you. Their high energy mixed in with their desire to love and be with you makes them the best pets for active people.

They also make great running partners for fitness enthusiasts. A Lab will be more than happy to wake up with you at 5 am and hit the pavement!

Choosing the Right Labrador for You

There are many variations of Labradors. Finding the right one for you depends on what type of lifestyle you lead and the color of Lab you prefer.

For example, English Labs tend to be bigger and thicker, with shorter legs and broader faces. On the other hand, American Labs tend to look more athletic and are generally bred as working dogs.

Finally, Labradors come in various colors, the most popular being yellow, black, chocolate, silver, and fox red.

No matter what, any Labrador you choose will make you and your family happy!

Go out today and find the newest member of your family!


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