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Summer Fun Activities for July 4

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Children
Straw Art Summer Fun Activities for July 4
 Activity – Straw Painting

Straw Painting Materials:

•red, white, and blue tempera paint
•large construction paper
•paper towels for clean up

Straw Painting Directions:

1. Place construction paper on the ground outside
2. Pour the paint into small dishes
3. Put the end of a straw into the paint, then hold the straw over the paper and blow the paint
4. Allow to dry before hanging

Skills Addressed:

•Increased attention and focus on a task
•Following step-by-step directions
•Making choices
•Color recognition and identification
•Oral motor skill development
•perceptual-motor skill development
•Increased art appreciation
•Development of positive self-esteem through the success of completing the project.

Shadow Art Summer Fun Activities for July 4
Activity – Chalk Shadow Drawing

Shadow Art Materials:

•red, white, and blue chalk
•Hose connected to water supply
•A sunny day
•Paper towel towels for clean up

Shadow Art Directions:

1. Show children their shadow on the ground on a sunny day
2. Have the child trace the outline of your shadow and fill in body spaces
3. Use a sprinkler or hose to wash off the sidewalk when finished.

Skills Addressed:

· Increased awareness of self and body parts
· Recognition and identification of body parts
· Receptive and expressive language skill development
· Concept of shadow
· improves focus attention to the task
· Sensory-motor skill development
· Perceptual Motor skill development
· Eye-hand coordination

This is a guest post by Debbie Scaccio, Arts and Crafts Specialist, and the staff at Block Institute.

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