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Confident Kids – 5 Ways to Increase Your Children’s Self Esteem

In a constantly changing world, it can be challenging for children to feel confident growing up, which can lead to anxious and uncertain adults. That is why it is important to help your child build up their confidence. Here are some things you can do to boost your child’s self-esteem.

5 ways to increase your children's self esteem

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Teach Self-Control

When children practice self-control, they feel positive about the actions and choices they make. This, in turn, boosts their self-esteem. Enrolling your child at the local Karate, Judo, or Krav Maga gym can instill a strong sense of discipline and perseverance that can help them to accomplish their goals in all aspects of life. The practice of self-control shines through in the gym and other areas of their life, manifesting in better grades at school and improved self-esteem.

Give them Responsibilities

When children feel that they are competent and can achieve daily tasks in life, their self-confidence grows. Give them opportunities to feel competent and accomplished. Chores around the house may not be something that they love to do, but by making them part of the daily routine, says, they will feel a sense of accomplishment and grow confident in their problem-solving skills. Both these outcomes invariably lead to positive self-esteem and self-value.

Teach them it’s Okay to Fail

Teaching a child that they need to be perfect only sets them up for a lifetime of disappointment and feelings of inadequacy. No one is perfect, and you need to assure your child of this. So, they came home with a poor score on a quiz? Take the opportunity to help them evaluate the situation as it is. They are learning. Next time they can use a different strategy to achieve better. This poor score doesn’t define who they are as an individual. You want to find a healthy balance between being supportive and helpful through these disappointments, without taking it too far and have them feel that they can get away with not trying, suggests the HuffPost.

Praise Their Efforts, As Well As Their Accomplishments

A job well done is something of which to be proud. However, we also want to give attention to the hard work that gets us there. When your child is working towards a goal, tell them how proud you are of their progress. Encourage them along the way. Words like “I am proud of your hard work and resilience, even when it isn’t easy” can help them reach their end goal without getting discouraged and giving up.

Set an Example

We are our children’s first and closest role models as a parent. If we want our children to grow up as confident individuals, we need to be one ourselves. Parents says that This is another “practice what you preach” lesson, but it is true! If we don’t promote healthy levels of self-esteem within ourselves, we can’t expect our children to either. When they see their mom or dad feel good about themselves, they know how to feel good too. Additionally, when you are confident with yourself, you are giving your child the best parent you can be. A healthy Mom and Dad are precisely what kids need in the hectic time of growing up.

Confidence and self-esteem are important to build within your child, and there are many things that you can do to help without inflating their ego. So, go ahead encourage them to try new things, such as a martial arts class. Give them more responsibility around the house to help the family out. Always appreciate their work and effort. With your support and guidance, they are sure to feel good about themselves, even when the world around seems too big.

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