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MediBuddy Review

MediBuddy First Aid Kit Review

Being a Mom, I understand that I cannot always protect my precious kiddos from the bumps, bruises, and scrapes associated with curiosity and growing up, but I have learned I can be prepared!

I’ve been fortunate to be married to an EMT certified man, which means we are all about FIRST AID.

Our home first aid kit is a medical station.

My husband has it packed with everything.

It’s a large tackle box, and let’s face it, far too bulky to pack with us.

While looking for a portable first aid kit that I could easily tuck into my vehicle and convenient enough, I could also have it tag along in our stroller or outdoor play I discovered MediBuddy.

MediBuddy Review

MediBuddy has been featured in magazines such as Parenting, Family Fun, American Baby, and others as well as newspapers and  Oprah Winfrey’s Foundation, Seven Fountain Schools in Africa.

If you love celebrities, check out these celebrities who love MediBuddy!

MediBuddy is a portable First Aid Kit that is the perfect size for my glove compartment and fits easily in my purse.

It contains necessary items to allow me to treat minor injuries like scuffed knees, gouged flesh, and imaginary “owies’ that hinder us from moving on.

MediBuddy is produced by a company called me4kidz.

The name is short for Medical Emergencies for Kids.

We received the red MediBuddy Kit to facilitate our review.

Made of plastic, the case is six inches long, two inches wide and 1.75 inches tall.

It’s the perfect size for on the go.

I found it fits easily into the middle console of my vehicle for easy access, but even better than that, it fits nicely in my purse.

This makes it extremely adaptable to our lifestyle, whether we are at the park, shopping, or running errands.

Outside of the plastic shrink wrap, you can see that the case is cleverly crafted to look like a bandaid.

This was a big hit for my children.

The case also has a small latch that locks the case closed.

It is secure, so I don’t have to worry about it popping open in transit.

It’s also easy to just lift on the latch and have the lid open.

Inside the case, everything is very nicely placed.

We were greeted immediately by smiley face stickers.

Stickers have been known to heal the seemingly worst injuries for my children. 

They are also the perfect resource for those owies that you simply cannot see, but are being told through crocodile tears that it is “RIGHT HERE”.

I emptied the box and was really impressed at the variety of first aid items contained in this small container.

MediBuddy What’s Included:

(15) 3/4 “X 3″ Red, Blue & Yellow Crayon Bandages

(1) 3″ Knee & Elbow Bandage

(1) Sting Relief Pad

(4) 2″ X 2″ Gauze Pads (2 Two Packs)

(3) 5″ X 8” Antiseptic Wipes (sting free)

(1) Burn Relief Cream

(2) Antibiotic Ointments

(12) Kid-Friendly Fun Stickers


I appreciate the size and diversity of this First Aid Kit.

It allows me to feel confident that I can treat an incident on the spot while we are out.

It provides enough products to treat most injuries long term.

Last summer, my children and I were walking, and my Li’l Man fell face-first into the sidewalk.

The impact burrowed tiny rocks and his glasses into his forehead.

I did the best I could with my shirt and hands to help him, but by the time we returned home, there were two rocks embedded under the skin.

MediBuddy is small enough I could have put it in my back pocket, and it’s contents would have enabled me to clean and treat Li’l Man’s injuries IMMEDIATELY with the antiseptic wipe, ointment, and bandaids.

This would have made a much less frantic walk home.

The company itself is a family owned and operated business. 

From their website:

Its core focus is designing functional and modern first-aid kits that prompt and inspires parents and caregivers world-wide to be prepared when it comes to every day childhood injuries. All of their products are exclusively Made in the USA, which in turn gives back to our Country by keeping jobs in the United States.

They donate product each year to various educational fundraisers and children’s organizations to better the lives of others that can’t afford first aid products.

me4kidz is very conscious of the environment. They do their part in keeping our earth safe by guaranteeing that all of the plastic used in their products is 100% recycled, US & EU Certified Lead free.

me4kidz™ is also proudly partnered with non-profit organizations to humbly provide consistent work for those of various disabilities, allowing them the opportunity to feel a sense of need in the community and increased self-esteem. In doing so, all of their products are proudly put together by loving, caring, and capable disabled individuals.

These are all the little ways that this family makes a difference one little owie at a time. They genuinely love what they do, and they strive for you to love it too! They are not just “any” first aid company…they are the “first aid company that cares.”

me4kidz also creates a more extensive first aid kit, a diaper bag buddy,  as well as a first-aid kit for pets.

You can find the me4kidz first aid line at retailers such as Toys R Us or use this search for a retailer near you feature.

With Spring here and Summer a hop and skip away, find the peace of mind of being prepared and have a first aid kit readily accessible.

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