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Kinder Kitchen Review

Kinder Kitchen Review

by Kuhn Rikon Switzerland

I love cooking with my kiddos. It’s great quality time and teaches them mathematics, science and is creating memories for us all. You know I love kitchen tools that are scaled down to fit in pint-sized hands for easier manipulation so when I ran across Kinder Kitchen products I couldn’t resist.

Kinder Kitchen is clever. They’ve taken everyday kitchen tools and transformed them into whimsical creatures guaranteed to turn everyday cooking into an adventure!

We were able to review two products from Kinder Kitchen.

The first item is their Dog Knife. It’s made from Japanese carbon steel and is sharp enough to slice through soft vegetables and fruits but not fingers! The Dog Knife has an orange rubber handle that creates the dog’s body. At the top, near the blade are the dog’s ears which serve as a handguard. The other end sports a small plastic tail that’s too soft to poke or gouge. To add to this knife’s charm take a look at the adorable face on the blade.  My son thinks he’s Rambo with celery when he gets to use this Dog Knife. This knife retails for $10.00.

The second item we reviewed was the Duck Snippers. We all cooed at the cuteness of this duck. These scissors work as well as my “big people kitchen shears”. My children use them to cut vegetables, herbs and salad stuff. They have a spring action so little hands find it easy to open and close the snippers. The Kinder Kitchen Duck Snippers retail for $18.99.

Both of these Kinder Kitchen tools are big hits and get plenty of use around the Morrison home. Li’l Man thinks he’s made it big time to get to use a knife and I feel at ease knowing his little fingers are safe from danger.  My children love having the same tools in their kitchen drawer as Mom, only theirs “are much cooler” as they put it. I tend to agree.


Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post.  I received the product mentioned in this post for review purposes from the sponsor. These opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experiences may vary.


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