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The Beauty of Giving Back

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There is something to be said for those who help others. It’s an empowerment that comes from within. A knowledge of sharing what we have to help someone else. Some find service to others to be a great balance within their own life, while others realize their fortunes and want to share with those less fortunate.

I’ve been on both sides of service. Truly those who have blessed me with their service remain at the core of my heart. Sometimes it has just been merely a kind words while other times, I required a greater assistance. I’m thankful to those who have given blood, as in 1999 I required a four liter replenish. To honor those who have given to me, I have tried to volunteer and be of service to others. Sometimes it has been a challenge to find the balance within my own life, but it has always been a worthwhile experience.

There is a group called “The Beauty of Giving Back”, established in May of 2010. Through this organization you can lend a helping hand by shopping or finding a charity to assist or to be the recepient of assistance. The purpose of The Beauty of Giving Back is to generate funding for nonprofit agencies, pledge drive volunteers, and special projects to help those in need. Funds are generated from the personal donations/contributions of our Founder, Therese M. Schmidt.*

The group contributes:

Ten percent (10%) of all sales, excluding tax and shipping, generated through this website is credited to a member or special project per the request of our customers.

Fifty percent (50%) of all revenue generated from advertisement fees to a member or a general fund established for each of our special projects per the advertiser’s request.

Ten percent (10%) of all affiliate commissions are distributed to dedicated special project general funds.

You can GIVE BACK through SHOPPING or Donations and Contributions. There is a great list of places to shop including Bea’s Gift Baskets, who has sponsored some great giveaways here on Mommy’s Memorandum.

There are some awesome Non-Profits like: Bald Girls do Lunch and the Abuse Victim Hotline, Inc. A complete list can be found on the Non Profits page of The Beauty of Giving Back.

Learn more about this group that’s finding The Beauty of Giving Back is the power within each of us, one life at a time.

*”This offer is a private donation/contribution made by the Founder of The Beauty of Giving Back, Therese M. Schmidt, and is in no way supported or promoted by the direct sales companies of products made available through The Beauty of Giving Back.” Registered & Protected
I received no compensation for this post.

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