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Magellan’s Grundig Compact Shortwave Radio

Grundig Compact Shortwave Radio

We are a family on the go, and from time to time, my husband travels out of time for his work. Communication is important to him–not necessarily with anyone, just that connection to the world.

He had the opportunity to review Magellan’s Grundig Compact Shortwave Radio, and his heart now beats a little louder. He loves this shortwave radio, and I am discovering its compact size allows him to take in incognito!

What does he love about this shortwave radio? Let’s start with the size. It’s compact. REALLY compact–(4¾ x 2¾ x 1″ in case). The size has opened new possibilities for him–to make it even more supreme, it’s lightweight…4 oz. He uses Energizer’s Lithium batteries, making this almost weightless. It fits in his shirt pocket with no effort, and if he wasn’t such a radio junkie, he could easily forget it was on him.

Over a month, the Grundig Compact Shortwave radio has traveled. It made its debut on our Bell’s Canyon Hike. When we saw the crime scene tape, he tried to find a station that was disclosing the situation. Law Enforcement wasn’t broadcasting the tragedy, but my husband still tried!

This shortwave radio has entertained the family around a crackling campfire.

The children loved trying to guess which language a station was as this radio picks up a lot of “stations” worldwide.

My seventeen-year-old has enjoyed listening to the various religious broadcasts as they are diverse, and many have introduced him to religions he knew little or nothing about, giving him new topics for conversation!

Probably the most useful part of this shortwave radio came to light last weekend.

We had planned a full-day hike into the Wasatch Mountains.

The sky transformed as we wound our way up the trail and deeper into the canyon.

Initially, we thought nothing of it and continued our hike–we’ve hiked in rain and snow before, no biggie.

As we sat resting on a log, my husband took out the Gundig Compact Shortwave Radio and dialed into the weather band.

Here he picked up a weather warning.

Our extended hike was cut short.

My husband continued to listen to the weather band as we worked our way down the trail.

We started to be pelted by rain and took cover under a tree.

A microburst of wind snapped the tree next to us, and my husband yelled, “Everyone holds on to something!”

This tiny radio covers AM(520 – 1710 kHz), FM (87-108 MHz), and shortwave in 5.9-10 and 11.65-18 MHz bands.

The M400 features an analog circuit with a digital display and has very easy-to-use controls.

It includes a built-in 4-ohm speaker.

My husband loves that this radio allows him to see time with the clock feature and can pace us with an alarm to keep time in perspective.

It has replaced his need for a watch.

The Grundig Compact Shortwave Radio uses two AAA batteries.

My husband recommends lithium to maintain the ultralightweight benefit.

My husband’s only complaint is that the radio has a lock feature.

This is to prevent your station from changing.

There have been a couple of instances where the hold feature has stuck, and he has been unable to turn it on without a brief challenge.

This radio is the perfect companion for anyone who loves to stay connected.

It works well in the car, in the home, on the trail, and the go.

It retails for $29.85 and is truly a value.

The husband tells me that this is a must-have for an Emergency Kit.

I understand this all too well as 17 years ago, I was in Miami, Florida, when Hurricane Andrew came along.

The first thing Andrew did as it came on land was wipe out the National Hurricane Center–our connection to the storm and safety.

My husband points out that with this short-wave radio we would have had other options and not spent a very long night without communication.

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I received the Grundig Compact Shortwave Radio from the sponsor in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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